Dolls For Dolls, Etsy, Amazon Fun Finds & More | Random Doll Stuff 11

By Request: World’s Smallest Monster High Dolls? Could these be dolls for dolls? Join us while we take a look at random doll stuff : Mail, Etsy Fashion, Amazon Fun Finds including a chair and a breakfast set, Barbie Patio Chair play set and more in an ALL NEW video on YouTube at MyFroggyStuff.


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22 Replies to “Dolls For Dolls, Etsy, Amazon Fun Finds & More | Random Doll Stuff 11”

  1. I love the planter! You could glue two together back to back and made a round planter that hangs!

  2. So many great dolly things! I think my favorite thing from this video was the beautiful floral dress! ????

  3. The Wednesday Addams dolls,maybe the Morticias too will want to wear that black and white polka dotted gown.May not care if they stole it from you.

  4. Wowsers way back when I asked if you could use the plastic wedges as window box planters. I had no idea how beautiful you would make it. ????????

  5. Toya: The packaging got a little damaged in the mail.
    The package: (completely demolished)
    Lovely video, Toya. I'm starting to love this Random Doll Stuff series.

  6. I would love to see a verses of all the accessories that came with the beach/lawn chair. That would be so cool. Just and idea lol ❤️ love all of your videos. Thank you

  7. I follow you before the diy chairs were made and I didn't realize it has been 9 years and more since I follow you! I feel really old but really proud ????????

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  9. Those clothes from @my_doll_world_ are gorgeous! I’d wear those looks in real life! And I’m loving the chair and those planters— just in time for a Dolly Shopping District Springtime Decor Revamp…? ????

  10. I've been in a wheelchair since 1996 due to flying 60ft out the passenger windshield while 4 months pregnant with my son. He's 26 and also in a wheelchair because he was born with cerebral palsy. I also happen to live in the boonies with no real transportation so I don't get out much even though we finally have a van covid as well as ptsd and anxiety issues I feel like I've lived in a cave I only now realized there are Trever Noah looking dolls thanks to you I'd love to start collecting dolls but my fidgets and squishmellows craze has me ordering stuff that ends up driving my mom beyond nuts , she hates clutter I'd love to be a minimalist as well as better at recycling anything that has plastic I wish I could stop having to use but even needing some things medically I'm trying to quit obsessing over so many things I have uploaded on my vlog I just wish to shop more irl I would bought more dolls if they'd had the cool monster high dolls and having more colors and sizes right now I probably need XXL I need to get back down to right after all my surgeries I had a bunch together and all I could eat was cheddar cheese grapes chicken breast and lemon ice Popsicles I lost over 100 on that diet but this year with valentines and Easter all over the candy dear lord diabetic coma over her so I gotta get back to just green apples lol if you want to watch any of my videos there's our kitties too

  11. I’m now 26 and I remember making that chair 9 years ago in a binder room ???? good times

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