Drip Irrigation Kit – Individual Plants/Drip Emitters

These complete Individual Plant Irrigation Kits include all of the parts you need to go from your faucet to your landscape plantings. Each kit includes a variety Take-Apart Emitters for watering any size plant in your landscape.

We are excited to offer three sizes of Individual Plant Irrigation Kits to meet your diverse needs.


3 Replies to “Drip Irrigation Kit – Individual Plants/Drip Emitters”

  1. @robotnik77 We carry two way splitters that can be hooked up at the faucet as @montymagic1987 described. We also carry parts that will hook a drip system up to existing PVC lines. Almost all household drip systems will require a pressure regulator because municipal water usually has very high pressure.

  2. Do I have to hook it to the faucet, or can I
    hook it somehow where my irrigation pipes
    are at the sprinkler controller? Can they handle
    the pressure from my sprinkler lines? I want
    my faucet to remain free. I want to bypass my
    sprinkler line & cap it off.

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