Easy Chocolate Pie Recipe

This Chocolate Pie is a classic dessert recipe that everyone will love. A tender, buttery homemade pie crust filled with a decadent chocolate filling, this pie is perfect for any get together as you can make it ahead of time as it has to set in the fridge. The filling is softer than my chocolate silk pie, with a light, silky, rich character that you’ll love!

RECIPE: https://preppykitchen.com/chocolate-silk-pie/


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25 Replies to “Easy Chocolate Pie Recipe”

  1. This looks delicious. I think I'm going to make it and cover it in a layer of homemade whip cream

  2. Oh my, this reminds me of late mom when she used to bake for us sweet treats.thank you for your recipes

  3. This looks great. I use lactose free milk hopefully it still works out.thanks for sharing

  4. Yum! My mom made delicious chocolate pie and I haven't had any in quite a long time. I never have made it but am inspired to make some! Sometimes she topped hers with meringue and sometimes not.

  5. John? How come you always use flour as a thickening agent, seen now on both your "Chicken pot pie soup", and now in this chocolate pie.

    Don't you find that the flavor of flour sort of ..alters the taste of what you are cooking?

    Do you not like "Cornstarch" sir?

  6. What? No whip cream on top? Or did I miss it? Sounds delicious either way but I would want whip cream

  7. John… love the tip about keeping your pie weights in the little foil "nest" for using over again. But why put the parchment in there, too?

  8. What the heck are those flat, round, pan looking things in the background??? I'm always trying to figure it out haha!
    Also, you literrrralllllyyy have my dream kitchen <3

  9. Making two pies tomorrow. I’m keeping one and giving one away. Would you ever consider doing a heart healthy cookbook?

  10. But doesn't it form a skin without meringue on top? Your process is a bit different, but this is basically my Aunt Lovella’s chocolate cream pie. Super southern tradition. (she’d be my great-great aunt, I think!) I've been making this pie since I was a little thing.

  11. We needs the recipe for the huge crossaint trending in tiktok ❤????????️

  12. I have made a similar recipe for years but mine uses cornstarch rather than flour for thickening. Is there an advantage to one over the other? Does it affect texture?

  13. Museum wax? Dude, just a damp cloth or towel under there! No specialty items needed! Works wonders under cutting boards too!

  14. This looks great! But anytime I see chocolate pie, I think about Minny from The Help (Kathryn Stockett's book). lol

  15. My gran made this pie all the time when I was little. She would add a teaspoon or two of powdered sugar to the crust, it was so good! I make it now when I’m really missing her (needless to say I make it a lot). ❤

  16. I clicked so quick and and stomped my feet and said "oOoOO! Biiiiiiiitch! ????

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