Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil Wash and Go (TWA)

This is a review and application of the Eco Styler gel with Olive Oil. I used this gel to do a wash and go on my twa. My hair is very short but it still came out pretty decent. 🙂

This gel can be bought at your local bss

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19 Replies to “Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil Wash and Go (TWA)”

  1. I’ve been watching your hair videos since I was in college.. 2010. Brings back SO many memories 🥰

  2. your wash and go looks simple than the other's wash and go I tried the wash and go but it didn't turned out the way I liked it to be so I'm going to try it again this time I'm going to try it your way

  3. i want my haircut but at the moment I have locs but there is one problem is that I don't wear at full face of makeup all I wear is lip gloss and I hardly ever wear earrings can you give me any advice

  4. olive oil eco styler doesn't work for me… I find argan oil Eco styler better lol

  5. I did my big chop yesterday 12-26-15 my sides are horrible what do you use for your sided to make it grow?

  6. I have a question if you use the Eco styling gel in your natural hair ,do you have to wash it out the next day before using other product in your hair .or you can leave it if it's not gonna cost any br

  7. I have the same products like you,& hair type & i followed your techniques & my hair came out looking jus like urs thanks girl!!!

  8. To each is own, I believe if some people want to relax their hair then more power to them. Some people just cant handle their natural hair.

  9. This is what I basically do to achieve my curls. So I know that am doing the right steps. Thanks for your tutorial.

  10. i just purchased the eco-style gel today.  i got really frustrated because i thought i would have instant curls.  after watching how u thoroughly add the gel & work your way through your hair in a circular motion.  i am going to keep the gel & try this tonight before i go to a networking event.  thanks for your encouragement.  look forward to more vides.  i have subscribed.

  11. I wish all black women will love their natural hair.  Our hair is sooooo gorgeous in all of the textures, we DO NOT need the relaxers.

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