Helitech Support Column – Crawl Space Floor Support System

Are you tired of bouncy or sagged floors in your home? Don’t worry, Helitech has the support you need. Helitech’s Support Columns, or HSCs, are a permanent way to support your floors and stop the bounce.

HSCs have an extremely high load capacity that can support loads in excess of 60,000 pounds. HSCs from Helitech are specifically designed for a quick installation that do not require a concrete base, but one can be installed if needed or requested.

HSCs are installed in a few simple steps:
1. A Helitech project specialist will visit your home to identify the issue, where the floors are sagging or bouncy, and complete a detailed estimate for you.
2. Once the project has been scheduled, a Helitech project foreman will arrive on-site to begin the process of correcting your home’s floor issues. After the quick pre-job walk through is completed, the foreman and crew will get to work.
3. First, the HSCs are installed by the removal of the soil in the work area. Depending on your situation, an engineered, solid base of rock or poured concrete is created. The holes are dug in place and rock or concrete is placed into the excavated locations.
4. The HSC steel pipes are powder-coated, 3 and a half inch diameter, and are cut to length, specific to your home’s conditions. As a result, NO shims are used.
5. The large 14x14x3/8 inch thick bearing plates are set in place on the footing pads to transfer the load to the bearing surface.
6. The pipes are placed into the bearing plate and locked into place.
7. The HSC beam plate is attached to the existing or new support beam and bolted into place for a secure connection.
8. The floors can now be lifted and leveled as much as possible with the threaded adjustment on the HSC post.

Immediately after installation, you can rest assured the Helitech Support Column system will stabilize your settling and sagging beams and floor joists in your crawlspace. For the long-term success of any support column system, it is important to address any drainage or water issues around or under your home. Crawl space drainage and encapsulation with a Hydrabreeze Dehumidifier System from Helitech will ensure home’s floor system stays in place.

Let Helitech heal the bounce out of your home with Helitech Support Columns.