Eggs Benedict with NO EGGS

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16 Replies to “Eggs Benedict with NO EGGS”

  1. I really like tofu if it’s made properly but this one is just bland ???? Get more creative then just slapping raw tofu on and calling it egg ????

  2. Very Creative, putting the "yolk" in the tofu for that "Over Easy", umm…Nostalgia? ????

  3. Youre so close to convincing me to buy lactic acid. Ive never seen anyone else use it

  4. Have you ever had any regrets when becoming vegan? And is their a protein difference with the beyond meat or the real meat? Not educated on this but just curious

  5. I got a egg joke . What did the egg do when it finally got a care? It took the Eggspress way

  6. It’s always amazing to see stunning vegan replicas! And I would love to taste them as well ????

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