Why You Should Take Your Time On a Job

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27 Replies to “Why You Should Take Your Time On a Job”

  1. Mate that shirt is a classic, the equivalent of the All Blacks Steinlager

  2. A place for everything helps.
    I’ve got a small garage and space is a premium, I’m forever reorganising it to use the space more effectively.
    So much easier when tools are in the same place, makes it easier for cleanup too ????

  3. Totally with you there Scott.
    My smallish garden workshop is a mess, so need to get it organised. But jobs for my family etc get in the way. So need to make time…

  4. Scott just casually hanging out at the beach with his wood for the title sequence. ????

  5. Yes! “Scott Brown here” returns with an absolute first class example of the genre. Normal service resumed. Phew.

  6. The main reason for cleaning up before leaving your job site is the customer !! Most are working and any viewing of what's been achieved on a project is likely to take place at the end of the day.
    Cleanliness not only creates a good professional impression , but saves the customer for stepping on nails , wading through debris , falling down holes etc. Generally in my day , the youngest and least experienced got the broom. It also saves your tools from going walk about and will be good for your relationship.
    Not doing this is the equivalent to getting up in the morning and coming down to sink full of dirty dishes.

  7. I forgot New Zealand is moving into fall while we in Canada moving towards our summer. Lucky and unlucky accident, now you know your plumbing is a mess. That is how I found out by the pipes freezing. Thank you for the video and have a great week.

  8. I like the pre-emptive not gluing bathroom floor down explaination..youve done this youtube thing a while now scott

  9. 63 years old, 40 years of construction, DIY, Reno. Doing a bathroom in my own house, while family on cruise. walk-in shower, curb build, table saw, eight thumb stitch fupaa, so yeah, it is what it is, like that. 36 years, tell wife now?. NO…

  10. You didn't mention it, but I'm pretty sure I could make out the letters QEST on that pipe. Eeeeeek. Maybe you didn't trip on the pipe – you were merely in its presence and it gave up the ghost? Did your plumber take it all out? Maybe there's a vid there for you too – have you worked on properties damaged by QEST failures?
    Keep ya powder dry Scott Brown (as my father used to say, before I told him my name isn't Scott Brown).

  11. 7:15 How has no one reacted to Jess? This moment of pure frustration and "please help" speaks to my soul.

  12. I took me nearly twenty years to realize that I can considerably more done when I slow down.

  13. ProTip: Dont buy new saw blades when they get blunt…take them to a sharpening service. 1/5 the price of a new(good) blade.

  14. According to New Zealand law. If you’re in a de facto relationship, then 50% of all that mess belongs to Jess.

  15. I noticed you wear the Howard Leights, have you ever thought about switching the factory cups to gel cups? Idk about you but having those gels cups make wearing eye protection so much better, it relieves the pinch the factory cups cause when wearing eye protection.

    Love your videos, huge fan!

  16. Was just thinking, did you put an opening in that high deck. Seems like a place where you will have possums or something else you need to clear out later.

  17. Take your time? Don't rush to avoid mistakes! Why then it takes over six-nine months to build 3 bedroom house. Like in rural towns 100 metres of road take 2 months to resurface. while in Auckland overnight! why? Greed!?

  18. You may need to consider getting rid of the dux quest piping. Do a search for it online – and you will see why. You may have insurance issues with it.

  19. Reminds me of the Abraham Lincoln Quote… “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

    So True, the more time you spend in preparation getting the right tools and materials the quicker & smoother the job goes 🙂

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