Flippers in the Red Desperately Need to Make a Profit | Flipping 101 | HGTV

After losing $40,000 on their last flip, a couple desperately needs to make a profit on their new 2,000-square-foot renovation in Buena Park. They’ve called Tarek to help make money-savvy decisions that will still draw in buyers and bring in big offers.

Flip or Flop’s Tarek El Moussa draws upon his enormous success from flipping over 300 homes to help novice renovators get in the game. He provides beginners hungry to make it big with a foundation to create profitable flips and avoid bank-breaking flops.
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Flippers in the Red Desperately Need to Make a Profit | Flipping 101 | HGTV

16 Replies to “Flippers in the Red Desperately Need to Make a Profit | Flipping 101 | HGTV”

  1. It's very odd how they were worried about a few stains on the body of the house, but did absolutely nothing to the backyard. At least the lawn could have been watered and the yard could have been staged. There are easy fixes that could have been done for very little effort.

    The house looks really nice, though. They'll do well with this business if they make smarter choices.

  2. "Opportunities don't happen, you create them." -Chris Grosser

  3. "Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it's safe or certain." -Motivation

  4. I don't like the outside house color or door choices, but it's paint and can be changed. They should have listened to Tarek about the wall at the entrance. It's uninviting, closes off the house, and it has a claustrophobic feeling. The backyard was horrendous and they should have been embarrassed to show it like that. The master bathroom was a swing and a miss. The room is too small, they chose the wrong flooring, and the shower was too big for the space. They could have made the shower smaller by taking out the huge nitch and move the shower over several inches closer to the outside wall, and then put a nitch at the end of the shower. I would have stolen space from somewhere or reconfigured it. For the rest of the house, they should have used gray-toned flooring instead of orange-toned flooring. It would have gone with their design and it would have looked better with the gray kitchen tile. I would've put in double-sided bookcase doors that are lockable from both sides for the ADU. The home and the ADU would get usable storage and the ADU would be kept separate, hidden, and leave options open for the homeowner.

  5. don t like the floor tile edges and the woosfloor edges….it looks terrible …nice even clean cut between these 2 different materials would have been so much niecer…no gras in the back yard looks unfinished.

  6. Price details (since this channel doesn't do it anymore):
    Purchase: $540,000
    Rehab: $86,000
    Interest: $24,000
    Closing: $40,000
    Break Even: $690,000
    Sale Price: $950,000
    Total Profit: $220,000

  7. They did a well job but the backyard needs some work, maybe the buyers can ask for sellers concession.

  8. The small master bathroom would be my only complaint, it’s tight, but still very nice though, and the backyard is fixable and has a lot of potential, everything else is still very nice regardless, great flip!

  9. The master bath would make the whole house a No for me. Way too small and tight.

  10. Nice however flippers really need to spend some money on interior designers.

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