Ex Vegan Youtubers (SOMETHING FISHY) My Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the recent trend of YouTubers who are coming out saying they are no longer vegan.
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12 Replies to “Ex Vegan Youtubers (SOMETHING FISHY) My Thoughts”

  1. Change for humans is very psychological as well as physical. It is scary to change and swim upstream in a world of
    omnivorism. However, it is logical and also possible. New vegans need to do their homework and understand the
    whole issue, visit an animal sanctuary and MEET the animals, learn about the environmental impact of omnivorism,
    learn recipes, what healthy whole food eating is, take B12 as a precaution, and meet and socialize with other humans
    who are vegan. I am another human animals who has been vegan for over twenty years. I have learned and grown from
    it and experienced lots of changes and had to change even my vegan "diet". I made a commitment to this lifestyle and
    believe in it and have never looked back. I love the animals, environment, and humanity for the potential that exists. Peace.

  2. I got pressured into eating meat with a lot of abuse from my family, and I was doing good, but they broke my heart. They tore me mentally apart, I started having health problems. Not being able to stand up for me, I had to break away from them so they could not have the opportunity to know my personal life changes, that I have chosen for me. I love being vegan, and I won't let them take my choice away ever again. I found out I was sick because of the anxiety and panic attacks, crying my eyes out most nights because of hate. I forgave them, but I have my own place, and I thank God for the people that were strong and helped me through a lot, but I'm stronger now for it, just want to say there are always haters, but never give up on doing what you know is right for you and others. Staying Vegan! <3

  3. Vegans worry more about animals than humans/ society which is ironic. The Vegan Diet is unhealthy and deadly. If you want to help the planet, work on social justice and funding for resolving disparities in the community. NOT eating meat, eggs, butter has little impact on solving social ills. Animals were created by GOD as a food source. If vegan diet was so healthy, supplements who not be needed. The b12 you mention is in the animal poop, that`s in the soil that, the plants grown in. Thus, you're no vegan. 43 yrs, you look 54 plus. Stop leading people array. Vegansim is deadly. THUS FOLKS ARE POSTING UP WARNING FOLKS. "YOU MAD, I CAN`T AGUUUUUUUUUU WIT U." TO EACH THIER OWN. BEST WISHES TO YOU!

  4. hi vegan zombie.. humans need cholesterol.. dont you feel it yet. I feel it, we dont need much.. just 300 mg a day, or something like that. but especially babys and kids need it, every day. there is an ldl-cholesterol that harms our vessels, yes, it is called oxidized ldl-cholesterol. oxidized versus native ldl-cholesterol.. thats our topic the whole life long.

  5. You're a beautiful being inside & out. Thank you for all you do <3

  6. Vegan for the animals? For all those countless millions of animals crop growing kills – clearing land, tilling the soil, pest control (never talked about!) mechanically harvesting insects, spriders, rodents, frogs birds… Compare that to the average meat eater who probably gets through one or two ruminants a year, without soil depletion caused by non-organic fertilisers. Veganism kills more animals and would slowly desertify the planet as the destructured soil, finally liberated from all that smelly manure, simply blows away. F**k this dangerous, unscientific nonsense and eat real food like you ancestors did when hunting and fishing.

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