Amazing Summer Garden Harvest, Tomato Yields You Have To See To Believe!

This is Today’s Harvest from my Backyard Organic Garden!
This is what real food looks like and the only way to get food this good is to grow it yourself! We are in peak tomato season now and the harvests are coming in heavy, so come along with me and Tuck as we grab a huge harvest from our suburban backyard garden. Even though it is mid summer the gardens are still thriving and producing pounds and pounds of fruits and veggies!


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25 Replies to “Amazing Summer Garden Harvest, Tomato Yields You Have To See To Believe!”

  1. There is a fake account posing as me telling people to direct message it. That is not me. I will never ask you for a direct message or for any information in the comments.

  2. What do you do with all the extra food you grow? ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️ for Tuck and yourself

  3. Dragon tongue beans are my favorite but this year they're decimated by cucumber beetles AND army worms😭. The cucumber beetles aren't even bothering the cucumber or melon plants, just my beans!

  4. James, have you ever thought to bring an artist into your gardens? The beauty is breathtaking and it would be great to capture that on canvas.
    Yes, please make longer videos! I learn something every time I watch.

  5. Let’s be honest, how many ounces of weed does it take you to get THIS hype over vegetables, bro

  6. Would like the name of the blue flowers 2,52 in , I would like to have more blue in my garden

  7. I really like your videos but I think we all want videos of you that just shows you harvest everythiiiing!!!

  8. I would love to see a video on how you preserve your harvest and what you do with excess produce!

  9. Big thx for having clean skin. I mean thx for not having any tattoos its so easy to watch people with clean skin

  10. I would love 45 minute harvesting / garden tour videos! It would be awesome to see you and Tuck showing, sharing, and harvesting even more fresh organic food!

  11. And here I am at zone 8b not having one ripened cherry tomato yet… My beefsteak hasn't even reached half the size it should be! James how is it possible that yours have ripened so early!? Or mine so late??…

  12. We WANT 45 min videos, why are all the YouTubers always saying "oh no this video is going to be too long 45 min" then you get 24 hour streams, now that's too long and pointless. Slow down it's okay we want to see it all, the longer i'm in your garden the less time I have for house work 😁 love your show 🥰

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