DIY Cat Feeding Station (with splash shield)

We made our messy kitty a custom feeding station, with a splash guard! Thanks to PetSmart for sponsoring a portion of this video. Visit PetSmart or today for the many “anythings” @PetSmart has for your new cat. Shop now at # Anythingforpets

Want behind-the-scenes content? Check out the Aftershow for:
• How Katelyn caused water damage
• Now that we’ve had it a few days, how does Joob like it?
• Different lights we considered
• Easier or harder to clean?
• The dang fire alarm!
• Why we made it so tall
• The way more difficult path we almost took…
• Biggest game changer we learned
• Thoughts on practical projects vs impractical ones
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Gold screw caps
Frosted vinyl
Hole saw
Clear coat
Paint color
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17 Replies to “DIY Cat Feeding Station (with splash shield)”

  1. present the cat cafe station to shark tank next. You want 125,000 for 3% equity in your business.

  2. That intro is sooo funnny lols!~ And That cat food bowl is really cute! Love the new style u guys are going with~ the katelyn commentaries are so funny hahahah

  3. Love this! Might be worth dealing that bottom edge so food doesn’t get stuck? X

  4. Is anyone else worried about their fire alarm because it might be their carbon monoxide detector going off

  5. Next time on Evan and Katelyn: "building a space cat tree for joob"

    Would be awesome tho

  6. A spider can set off the fire alarm by crawling into it. Opening and cleaning them might work.

  7. I like everything about it sit for I feel like you should’ve made the logo black because they would’ve stand out more I could barely see it because the walls are white the acrylic is see-through so all you can see is white so it just looks like white I’ll give you a four out of five stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  8. Video suggestion….. turn a peice of furniture like a display case into a cat house with hidden litter box

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