Extreme DINING ROOM MAKEOVER *Vintage & Handmade* | XO, MaCenna

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A room flooded with afternoon sunlight and tucked away near the kitchen was the perfect space for our dining room – a place to dine, gather and my occasional office red w see d- I’m excited to makeover this space as we prepare to move in and finally call the cottage our home. #roommakeover #etsyedit #homedecor

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29 Replies to “Extreme DINING ROOM MAKEOVER *Vintage & Handmade* | XO, MaCenna”

  1. I think if you just leave the doors open on the cabinet and style it. Add some large baskets or vases to the top. I think it should look great. I like where you have it located.
    The rug is absolutely beautiful! LOL I began writing my comment before the end of the video and you see, the vase and greenery looks fabulous. but I suggest you placing the vase to the left and not centered! 🙂 Great job! You rock!

  2. 14:50 be careful to leave enough leg room while sitting, especially with the under-table drawer thing. I like the idea of adding feet and other non-destructive adapters before cutting anything off the table.
    So fun to see everything come together after so long!

  3. I wish yourself, Romeo, and of course Kinsley, many happy, healthy years enjoying your beautiful new home. Oh, and the beautiful dark wood china cabinet looks perfect beside the dining room window. I agree that changing the doors to a glass insert following the existing line would make it utterly perfect. You could then spend many happy hours scouring estate sales, thrift markets and antique shops collecting your particular choice of what used to be known as ‘Wedding china’ to display within 😊

  4. Absolutely stunning! Ahhhh, I can't wait to see the rest! No window treatments!! Lol I just love open windows…maybe just a sleek wooden blind. That way they can be opened up completely during the day or when you want and it doesn't look like you have done too much to the windows. Just a thought 😀

  5. Long time coming……Love it all you deserve to be so darn happy Hats off to you to be so excited to see your vision come to life !! ❤

  6. Thank you Macenna for always showing there can be joy in the journey. I love your excitement at the little things. Really brightens my day. I don't share the same style but always browse for your latest video. You've done/are doing a great job. Well done!!

  7. OKAY I'm here because i saw your headboard on your instagram and I"M ACHING TO DO SOMETHING SIMILAR in my room! YOUR DIY Linen Throw Pillows never get old! Love all your stuff girl! AMAZING as always!

  8. So beautiful, just as I knew it would be. I soooo don't want this journey to end 😪

  9. The back rest of the dining chairs are called "solihiya" here in the Philippines.

  10. wow the vision is really starting to come together. it is looking beautiful!

  11. Wow! It’s all so lovely, so elegant, warm and inviting! Love, love, love the chairs, the rug, the art work and frame! Very exciting, you’ll be entertaining in no time!☺️

  12. The room looks beautiful! It's so exciting to see your vision coming to life, especially after you've worked so hard to renovate and create the space!

  13. Beautiful!! An electric caulk gun might make the caulking easier. Especially since you already have the battery pack.

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