Fabricio Werdum: Getting the Kimura from the hip block

Fabricio Werdum is a multi time world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, ADCC Champion, European Champion and the first and only fighter to decisively defeat Fedor Emelianenko in mixed martial arts competition.

Here he shows some tips for getting the kimura when your partner is blocking your hips in a strong manner.

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  1. Werdum is the best brazilian jiu jitsu fighter ever in the ufc and deserve a red belt ranking. Inside the octagon no fighter dare to mount on him. most of Royce Gracie opponent are non bjj practitioner.

  2. We hosted a seminar of his at my old club, Modern Vision MMA just before his fight with Fedor. He's actually a great instructor, very expressive and demonstrative and absolutely in love with fighting. His enthusiasm for the sport far surpasses any language barriers. By the way…he idolizes Fedor and is disgusted by how a champion like him (10 yrs mo-fos) is immediately shrugged off just because of a scarce few losses in the later part of his career.ย 

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