DIY Mickey Mouse Costume


I’m sorry I posted this up so late; I didn’t have time to do this earlier! &This was actually a last minute costume that I made yesterday for a Halloween sleepover. It was super simple and quick and not to mention, cheap but cute ;D

The shorts and shirt was purchased at Forever 21.
The headband, white gloves, and sticky foams could be found at your local drugstore or craft store. If you don’t want to waste money to buy foam, feel free to substitute the buttons with thick white construction paper and just hot glue a bobby pin in the back so you can pin it to your belt loop.
If you want to stay warm and cozy, you can always go for a black long sleeve shirt and leggings under your red shorts!
You can also add your personal style to it as well by wearing suspenders and other cute accessories~

For my nails, I did red tips with a black outline and cute little bows at the bottom corners. On thumb, I just made Mickey’s shape and his bow tie. It was really simple! I didn’t have any nail tools at all so my nail design was pretty messy. I’m sure you can do a better job! (:
If you don’t have time, you can do a red background with black or white polka dots! Or you don’t have to do anything at all since you’ll be wearing gloves anyway! ^^;

HAVE FUN and thanks for watching!


17 Replies to “DIY Mickey Mouse Costume”

  1. Wait this came out 9years ago?😮
    Either way I love this! I have reborn dolls and one of them will definitely wear this😊

  2. I am really impressed by this video! You are hella smart and creative. You've got a subscriber for life out to me(: Cant wait to try this.

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