Facebook Marketing Strategy: How to Build a Six Figure Business in Under 90 Days With Facebook Ads

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Everyone says it’s hard to make money, and that you need money to make money.

That’s a bunch of BS.

Today, I’m going to share with you how I built a six-figure business in 90 days using Facebook ads and how you can too.

Sign up for Facebook Ads then sign up for Webinar Jam.

Webinar jam is a webinar software that allows you educate and sell people online.

You see all these ads on YouTube and Facebook for people saying, ‘register for my webinar.’

Why do you think they’re doing them?

It’s because it’s an easy way to make money, and I hate to say it most of the people who are doing this, suck at everything other than selling on the webinar.

They don’t have that many skills.

Why don’t I do it anymore?

I don’t care for the money, but I’ll share with you how you can do it step by step, so the first thing, as I mentioned, sign up for Webinar Jam. Webinar Jam is a software that allows you to do a webinar and sell on there.

They also have this other software called EverWebinar, which you’ll also need, and it allows you to do a webinar once, but make it recorded so that way your webinar continuously seems like you’re holding a new one every 15 minutes.

So, people can sign up and then join your webinar.

Now that you’ve got your webinar up and running and going create a webinar.

The webinar can be on anything, how to create an Amazon business, how to do something that you’re good at. Something that other people want to learn. So with your webinar, the first part is educating.

The first 30 to 40 minutes of your webinar presentation should be educating. Showing tips, techniques, strategies that they haven’t seen before. And then after you did that you’re like, ‘Hey, did you like these techniques?’

Did you think they were amazing?

There are amazing techniques, but I have ones that are way better. Would you like to hear those?

Do I have your permission? And the reason you are asking their permission, is because you’re asking them, hey, can I sell you something in other words, right?

Then, on the webinar, sell it to them for a price. The price could be a thousand bucks.

Usually, you want to have somewhere between $500 and a thousand five hundred. But the price that you choose has to be discounted.

So, if you’re selling it for $500, the original price needs to be $2000, $3000, or whatever it may be.

With Webinar Jam, you can also put a countdown clock.

Right in their settings, they break down that you can put a timer. When you put a timer, it tells people that this offers only valid until the end of this webinar or the next week, or whatever you decide that you want to end up using.

And when you do that, people know time sensitive.

And when it’s time sensitive, they’re much more likely to buy instead of thinking if they want to buy. Now that you’ve got the webinar up and running, you want to drive traffic.

Through Webinar Jam, you can just throw up a landing page, get people to opt-in.

You want to keep it simple. Maybe have an image of you.

Tell people what they are going to expect on the webinar, and then an opt-in.

And then when there’s opt-in, you can use Twilio, people will get a text reminder, and they’ll start joining. And then as they join and they show up to the webinar, you’ll start getting sales.

And when you are having your webinar timing so when they can sign up and listen to it, make sure you have a webinar that starts every 15 minutes. Remember, it’s recorded, you don’t have to be in the webinar every 15 minutes.

Instead, other people can just join whenever they want, that means that when you’re sleeping, you could be making money.

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads – The Numbers

And you give you a rough idea; I was selling a thousand dollar product. For every hundred webinar registrations, I would get 3.6 sales, and roughly 20% would refund.

I would still make well over $2000, and for those hundred webinar registrations in general, I would be paying six bucks per webinar registration. So, that means I’m spending $600 to make more than $2000, right, I don’t know what the exact math works out to, but I think it’s around like $2500, or $2800, after refunds or even three grand, whatever it may be.

But the point I’m trying to say is, the math works out well. Facebook advertising can be extremely lucrative if you have the right Facebook marketing strategy.

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  1. Hey Neil! I really appreciate all the tips. I’m looking into creating a course on how to start and scale a window cleaning business. It’s something I have a lot of knowledge and experience doing. One problem I’m running into is that other courses are charging much less than $500. There are only a few other courses available and I think I could probably do a better job but it still makes me wonder if I should pick another topic or just charge more than the competition? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

  2. Hi Niel was planning to start a stress management for all kind of age group. How should I go with it. I do not have enough customer base not even email ID or contact number

  3. Thank you Neil Patel I've learned alot from you. Your ideas are Gold. Love it.❤

  4. Thank you Neil Patel I've learned alot from you. Your ideas are Gold. Love it.❤

  5. Hello Sr,
    Are you doing any affordable Bootcamp? Anytime soon?
    Thank you and Blessings

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  8. Thanks 🙂, but I want to use fb or insta ads for promoting affiliate products ?

    Would you give me any advice to bring highest conversation ?

    (I am 19 & I've tried only once by running fb ad for 1 day only & directing audience directly to product's site page but got no sale, actually it was clickbank's product)

  9. Hey Neil..How to go about Facebook ads if my Art course is mostly for 8 to 14 year olds?? Does Webinar work for that age group ??

  10. Good video. To be fair, most sound business people know that more engagement = more sales. Holds true for most areas of life 😂

  11. So, I've heard about using webinars for quick conversions before but I was a little skeptical. I'm definitely feeling more comfortable since watching your video.

    However, I have no clue what kind of product to sell for a recruitment agency. Do you think you could give me a couple of ideas please, I would really appreciated it.

    Like you said it's all about value!

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