my favorite 3D Printed infill type

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30 Replies to “my favorite 3D Printed infill type”

  1. Well, I mean theoretically what's the fail rate on gyroid? Cause it fails often enough a more consistent print would be "more efficient"

  2. Cubic is my favorite, you can go down to 10% and still have really strong prints in all directions

  3. I really like gyroid as well, but cura says it takes longer. I have switched to cubic in most of my stuff now.

  4. I almost exclusively print with gyroid infill. I feel like this pattern adds the most crossbeams per infill percentage, not to mention it looks cool on translucent prints.

    I'm curious, how does it cause your prints to fail?

  5. Which design yields the most structurally stable and strong object?

  6. What gyroid can cause the print to fail? I always print with it and get no issues.

  7. I did a print like this a while ago, my favourite is honeycomb because it looks cool when you shine light through it. also hexagons are the bestagons

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