Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign starring Khaby Lame | BOSS

Turn life’s challenges into golden opportunities. #KhabyLame found success and climbed the heights of online fame through laughter, faith, and diligence #BeYourOwnBOSS

6 Replies to “Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign starring Khaby Lame | BOSS”

  1. Behind the BOSS…
    “Bosses aren’t born. They’re made…” Israel Cohen’s 1912 speech manifest

  2. Dude went from a poor construction worker to the #1 creator on one of the biggest social media platforms. And he didn’t even need to do something crazy like challenges, just duetting stupid videos. ❤

  3. Geniales con la ropa de Hugo Boss,molto piachere o como se diga en italiano,un abrazo desde Vigo Galicia España,estilazo todos los que habéis participado en el catálogo moda de esta firma otoño invierno 2023-24 estáis monisim@s????????????????????????????????????‍⚕️????????????

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