Family DNA Research: Finding Lies About Your Heritage

WSJ’s Cameron McWhirter, who recently researched his family’s genealogy, joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero and explains discrepancies he discovered regarding his family’s heritage over the course of generations. He also explains why many ancestors lied about their background when first entering the United States. Photo: Cameron McWhirter

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25 Replies to “Family DNA Research: Finding Lies About Your Heritage”

  1. Many times your ancestors change names and where they came from and it gets passed down

  2. Do some research on the Ulster Plantation. Scots were brought to Ireland to “subdue” the Irish. You could be Scottish after all.

  3. I wonder if most people who take DNA test are not native American so where are the native Americans. My children have a second great grandmother who was reported native American yet no one shows native American in their generation. I have found census of the siblings of the second grandmother on a Indian reservation in Montana .

  4. My mother always knew where her lineage and culture was from…two DNA labs later, and she was absolutely correct; Portuguese and Spaniard. Now my dad has been a little more difficult to pinpoint, but I might truly have indigenous roots from the Caribbean on paternal side. I love my blending from both parents.

  5. A couple of things to note: Jews were very common in Germany going back to before the Middle Ages and over the years they intermarried with local non Jews. That is how the Ashkenazi came into existence. The other thing is that Northern Ireland was settled by Scottish people kicked out of Scotland by English invaders. If his ancestor was from Northern Ireland, there is a strong likelihood he was of Scottish descent.

  6. Los judíos alemanes son askenazis. Nada que ver con los judíos de Israel de la diáspora que llegaron a Hispania, España. LOS Sefardíes.
    Los Askenazis eran tribus cercanas al Cáucaso , paganas, que se convirtieron al judaísmo en los siglos Vi, VII.

  7. Northern Irish ARE Scottish, they are not of Irish ethnicity. They are called Ulster Scots. This is why Northern Ireland voted to stay part of the United Kingdom, when southern Ireland wanted independence. Ulster Scots identify with Scotland, not Ireland. These differences caused all of the Irish/Northern Irish conflict, violence from the IRA, etc. This man’s father is NOT Irish, and it makes sense for him to hate Notre Dame!

  8. Is it true that Rodgers is Irish? Being Irish ,as he said, was not popular. Is that why some people changed that surname spelling?

  9. I found out that I am not Scottish either! I am actually French on three sides of my family! Plus I have never thought that I was Native American but I am! Sachems and chiefs and everything! Crazy! My mother even has an Indian name and I never put it together. She is even born in Oklahoma. Did not know we got there on the Trail of Tears. I actually wondered if I had Mexican or African blood since I can get so tan

  10. When I consider that a few centuries ago large numbers of the Scots tribe moved from Ireland to the land of the Picts and renamed it Scotland and some centuries after but still a few centuries ago in our past large numbers of Scots and other Brits settled in Northern Ireland his results are no surprise. Indeed it is possible that he's still Scottish, the family name suggests that he is. If there are Presbyterians on his paternal line, he's ethnically Scots.
    The Scots and the Irish are very interrelated, why do you think that have such a history of feuding?

  11. this makes me again wish I could be on that show Finding Your Roots, sadly with such a common last name we have never been able to find out a lot about my dads side of the family on my grandpas side

  12. He isn’t Irish: N.Ireland was annexed and populated by Scottish people; they were/are Free Presbyterians and brought their very strict Protestantism to Irish territory. When Northern Ireland is returned to the Irish, the Protestants should go back to Scotland along with all the other nutty Orange Men.

  13. Just a nother big advertisement for the big labs. This one has already sold of to a big Lab. How are people so easily fooled

  14. Funny story. A few years ago I did the Ancestry test and I ended up seeing a lot of Irish and no Scottish heritage. Gosh – my mom was wrong! Or was she? Fast forward to an update in the last year, I log in at the beginning of 2021 and lo and behold there is Scottish being represented. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This man’s dad could’ve been correct the whole time. I wonder how his ancestry update turned out.

  15. Chinese companies are buying DNA profiles from the companies that offer DNA analysis. The companies are compiling thousands of USA citizens DNA profiles. The plan is to change the way Americans deal with health care in the future. Do you still want to have your DNA analyzed then, sold?

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