Family of 6 in 40ft. Skoolie w/ Bunks & Incredible Under Mount Storage

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This Canadian family has been on the road from Montreal for over a year in their 40ft 2009 Freight Liner Bus. With four young kids, all boys, they designed the rig to accommodate a large family! There’s a massive kitchen table that can seat eight, two sets of bunk beds, a king-sized master, and a large bathroom with a shower, toilet, and mini sink.

Most of the interior furniture was recycled from other RVs, and other projects were self-built and highly creative! There’s surround sound, a spectacular roof deck, and an abundance of storage on the exterior of the rig.


Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edited by: @filmbro_

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20 Replies to “Family of 6 in 40ft. Skoolie w/ Bunks & Incredible Under Mount Storage”

  1. First time I've seen that wide use of ceramic countertops in a build…love it! Fantastic layout and clean bright color!

  2. Not a bad schoolie, but a bit boring military looking sleeping areas. The children's area is not even close to being personalized as we have seen in other family schoolies. Painting their names on the wall with the same font is not "personalizing." You have been on the road for fourteen months. Try checking out how to let your children create their own space. On a side note, it saddens me as a Canadian teaching the English language outside of the country how poorly the English language teachers in Quebec do their job 🙁 Of course you communicate well, which is the important thing, but not even knowing the verb "be," past verbs, childrens (?), etc. is sad for me. Hopefully your children have better teachers 🙂 ) Enjoy your home. (Just let the kids decorate their own space.)

  3. The wife is very cute and the family looks very happy. Love your home. It's almost perfect. The floors are nice.

  4. I love that they kept it simple and minimalist. What a great life and such wonderful experiences for the kids. Lovely!

  5. Thank you for the tour et pour l'invitation : ) C'est trės gentille de vote part : ) Merci bien!

  6. a great mobile home, showng the boys a good way of living them a sense of adventure. education by exploration is a lovely thing. bon voyage!

  7. This build is really sleek, and well planned out. Alot of storage. It great to see the parents wanting to show the boys the country. Safe travels enjoy your journey.

  8. ….excellent design/use of space…but more importantly, such a good vibe from these people …lucky kids that get to enjoy this lifestyle…

  9. Always mention the name of the channels for the people you are featuring please 😊

  10. I can’t find them on you tube, could someone please put on the correct spelling for their you tube channel!

  11. Beautiful build. So well designed and beautiful ❣️❣️ great job..sweet family❤️ It’s a master piece, love that farm house bathroom door👍❤️

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