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I promise you’ve never seen shoes like this…

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  1. What shoes do you want to see us skate next? We had some pretty good suggestions from the last video….

  2. It’s just drop shipped shoes they’re everywhere where on amazon and alli expres

  3. Hikers need those shoes if you wear them or not if you got lost you could tie those in a tree LOL!

  4. Video starts at 6:15

    Also nice click bait.. these obviously are not skate shoes and were not intended or advertised to be.

  5. That looked like a fun session. If you guys weren't pro, Id suggest submitting a line vid in those shoes for prizes on my current virtual skate comp. Keep up the stellar work gents.

  6. Guess I missed it but what's the name of the shoes, I'm genuinely interested in them?

  7. Ricky and Chris are definitely my two favorite members of the team for sure. They both seem like super cool and genuine guys, even though Chris always seems like he's being extra careful not to upset anyone like he's worried or something.

  8. I’ve been watching your videos regularly for a few months now and you all have inspired me to get out and skate again. I skated hard when I was a teen, but put it down and hadn’t skated for years. I’m about to turn 36, and just landed my first pop shuv, nollie shuv, frontside 180, and slappy 5050 in over a decade and a half. Much love, Braille team, and shout out to my boy Nigel for inspiring me to try and learn a steezy front shuv. I’m about to order the Ricky pro model tonight, as my deck is an old waterlogged blank from about 2009.

  9. Best of Christopher Mcnug – "The drip grip ratio is a little off." 😂😂

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