Final Fitting: My Italian Tweed Suit from Sartoria Gallo! | Kirby Allison

A bespoke tweed jacket from an Italian tailor?!? Is Kirby crazy? Watch Kirby’s final fitting of the Lovat Mill tweed jacket by New York bespoke tailor Eric Jensen of Sartoria Gallo. Eric demonstrates the skill of a proper bespoke tailor in how he manipulates this tweed fabric into the most beautiful bespoke jacket!

Who do you think does it best? The Italians or the English? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch the first fitting:
Sit down with Eric Jensen:

Get in touch with Eric Jensen of Sartoria Gallo New York:

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Bespoke Tweed From An Italian Tailor?! First Fitting With Sartoria Gallo | Kirby Allison

00:00 Introduction
00:33 Eric’s New Linen Suit
05:20 Kirby’s Tweed Odd-Jacket
06:54 Trying the Trousers
08:29 Trying the Jacket
18:25 The Lining
18:56 Trouser Details
24:36 Concluding Thoughts

Dry cleaning provided by Rave Fabricare:


18 Replies to “Final Fitting: My Italian Tweed Suit from Sartoria Gallo! | Kirby Allison”

  1. That tweed jacket he tailored for you is magnificent! That pattern match is perfect. Eric’s suit is a thing of beauty.

  2. Those shoulders and these armholes are the epitome of soft tailoring!bravo

  3. The ads are getting ridiculous now. Content is great but ads are making it unwatchable.

  4. Lovely combo – jacket & trouser/Kirby & Eric. The jacket is such a welcoming fabric.

  5. Fantastic color combination and i really like the silhouette of the jacket maybe a tad too tight fit for my liking. Makes Kirby look athletiic and flatters the physique. Kirby seems to be really hard to fit around the neck. In my humble enthusiast opinion the back of the collar seems to sit a bit low and the side of the neck should sit also closer to his throat. When Kirby moves the collar doesn't stay in place and the shirt collar pops out of the jacket. You can compare how Eric's collar fits and Kirby's when they stand side by side. I am sure that Maestro Jensen can fix these issues. Great video!.

  6. What a beautiful fabric, and the trousers look great with it.

    I agree on the cuffs, lengthen by a 1/8 or 3/16 maybe. Is there not a risk of the heavy fabric creeping up when you have worn it for a few hours?

  7. 22:40: Er, penultimate means the second-to-highest degree of something. Surely, you mean that Eric's client's remark – about forgetting that he was wearing one of Eric's suits until he came to take it off that evening – was the ULTIMATE compliment?

  8. Those colours really suit you. Brown, beige and cream are your thing – i'd say you have an autumn complexion Definitely less funerial! ????

  9. Enjoyable visit by Eric with the Tweed jacket and trousers. Will you do a follow up show to show the finished result when he ships the suit out to you please.

  10. Personally speaking, I'm not a fan of those Shoulder Over hangs. To me, it looks slightly baggy, like he's borrowed his big brother or fathers jacket. Great colour though.

  11. The spirit of Johnny Carson seems to have visited Sartorio Gallo. Heeeeeeere's Kirby!!!!!!

  12. That is probably one of the worst fitted suits I have every seen. And this is meant to promote Sartoria Gallo? Dreadful fit and cut by Eric Jensen.

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