Studio McGee Spec Home Tour: A Closer Look at All the Bedrooms & Bathrooms #SMSpecHome

We all know in our own homes the bedroom is much more than a place to lay your head. It’s the place where you reflect on the day before sleep and a place where you plan for the day just after waking up. It is the space where you recharge physically and mentally. It is perhaps one of the most important spaces in the home.

Starting in the primary bedroom, Shea explains “the goal in here was to keep it serene but honor the rustic nature of the rest of the home.” Playing up the rustic side of those is the wide wood paneling running the height of the walls and across the ceiling. The wood features lots of character with knots and holes, “we didn’t want it to be smooth, clean, and modern,” Shea adds. A thin layer of Natural Tan in Sherwin Williams amplifies the character of the wood by not masking the flaws. “You’re getting the softness from the light, putty color and getting the rustic texture coming through.” Exposed wood beams were custom stained to match the ceilings in the great room.

McGee & Co.’s linen-draped Henrietta Bed was the perfect companion to the space, though with the soaring ceilings the headboard didn’t measure up. “We added large-scale artwork above it in a pair and it perfectly fills that space,” Shea explains. “If you’re working with a bed that has a lower height, you can fill the height visually with artwork above.”

The drapes in the primary bedroom are a shade off of the wall color, creating a beautiful tonal moment that’s a “calming feeling,” explains Shea. The Shade Store drapes are Linen Flat Roman in Natural on the smaller windows flanking the bed and Linen Tailored Pleat in Natural on the larger windows.

One last tip from Shea before we move into the primary bathroom. “I often see people place their rugs in their bedrooms way too close to the nightstands. The goal is to fill and ground the room. When you pull the rug down, you give more visual interest at the foot of the bed which makes your room appear larger,” she explains.

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21 Replies to “Studio McGee Spec Home Tour: A Closer Look at All the Bedrooms & Bathrooms #SMSpecHome”

  1. LOVE this… unlike most developments that are so boring and generic and try to make people believe that white walls and cheaply made melamine furniture are the way to go. Even this, as neutral and muted as it is, shows demure and quiet elegance.

  2. Thank you about mentioning the rug too close to the nightstands….that bugs me.

  3. Whoever picked that dress needs to be fired. It looks like a pilgrim dress.

  4. Love this so much! Would you do a video on how you make a bed? I love how they look

  5. Omg Shea, this house is soooo gorgeous you have such an incredible eye for design ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Absolutely stunning ????????❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. I’m not feeling the plain white canvas over the fireplace. I’d rather a frame tv.

  7. Love the decor but why is the art work always white? Do you always have to match your art to the linen? I like various art collected over time but crisp white bed linen. Is that a no no?

  8. Is that a real olive tree? Where did you get it? Is it from your company?

  9. Shea, could you tell me what the brand of brick floors you have in your kitchen. They are in a straight line, which I Love. Thanks so much Sandi Jiura

  10. My dream bathrooms for sure. I love how you tiled the one shower with the sticks of tile on the top and bottom of the shower. The bedrooms are so spacious and I think if you added anything else to them it would appear over done. I love the wood tones on the floors and how you match certain elements in the room to it. Well done as always. I always end up with a big smile on my face after your video, do you know why?

  11. Is there a reason you don't give tile sources? I've asked many times and have even contacted you on your website.

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