FINALLY a Solar Powered Car that NEVER needs to charge!

The Solar powered Aptera can replenish up to 40 miles a day with built in solar panels all over the exterior. Get $30 dollars off your Aptera pre-order with this link: The Aptera has a top speed of 110mph and a 0-60 of 4 seconds – the future is going to be fun.

12 Replies to “FINALLY a Solar Powered Car that NEVER needs to charge!”

  1. I've been watching Aptera for many years. They had a similar design scheduled for production that touted 100mpg, but it never happened.
    While this version is nice, there is no way those wheel fairings will survive a road with potholes!

  2. At this point with the rate at which tech is improving anything is possible. The future will be something else

  3. With a dedicated line on the road for this kind of vehicles. Will reduce the accidents, the lack of speed, and lack of security.

  4. Between this and Rich Rebuilds video on Aptera I am looking forward to see how Aptera does moving forward.

  5. Bravo, and thank you! Superb new video about extremely promising, Winning innovations; To succeed, they must not be shy about copying Tesla in EVERYTHING that could be helpful: safety and MARGINS prime directives; affordability and external niceties dead last – those will come with scalability (i’m sure I’ve heard either Sandy or Cory place Tesla and Aptera in a class separate from all EVs … in some aspect that I can’t recall)

  6. 2 issues. Americans are too fat and Americans feel they need a extended Suburban to haul around 1 kid.

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