The Juicy, Crispy Fried Chicken You Don’t Get at KFC

Tender and juicy meat with a light and crispy skin — this is the Cantonese answer to fried chicken. Silas Li, a chef who specializes in Cantonese cuisine, shows us how he makes this classic dish. It looked super complicated, but we tried it! Did we succeed?

0:00 China’s answer to fried chicken
00:51 How to make it
02:38 Our turn!

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Producers: Lisa Cam, Tiffany Ip
Script: Tiffany Ip
Editor: Mart Sarmiento
Videographer: Llewellyn Cheung, Hanley Chu
Narration: Tiffany Ip
Mastering: Victor Peña

#Friedchicken #Chinesedish #Chineserecipe

14 Replies to “The Juicy, Crispy Fried Chicken You Don’t Get at KFC”

  1. I had the so called “best” fried Chicken in NY & LA and it is nothing compared to this style of fried chicken

  2. Chef Silas: Its not that difficult to make. Anyone can do this at home.

    Me: Uh, no thanks.

  3. Let’s face it…if KFC is your go to place for chicken…then this will not be for you

  4. I could be wrong, but it looks like Chef Silas added the marinade/rub on the inside cage of the chicken whilst you guys rubbed it on the outside skin of the chicken. This could explain why your skin looked so spotty and different in comparison.

    Also the part where he says 'Where you from?!' hahahaha too good.

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