FINALLY UNBOXING IPSY PLUS & BOXYLUXE! Are They Worth It?! A Year Late Unboxing!

Time for some unboxing & a little cooking! Click the link and use code ALEXANDRIA30 to get $30 off your first order with Home Chef!
This video was sponsored by Home Chef. All opinions are my own. #Hookedonhomechef #homechef #ad

Time stamps (Because of the rambling)
Ipsy Glam Bag Plus 1:08
1st item 1:48
2nd item 2:24
3rd item 3:36
4th item 4:03
5th item 4:40
6th item 5:34
Full size prices 6:11
Cookin’ Show! 7:54
Boxyluxe 10:37
1st item 11:45
2nd item 12:16
3rd item 12:43
4th item 13:27
5th item 13:59
6th item 14:08
7th item 14:45
8th item 15:10
9th item 15:34
10th item 15:59
Prices 16:48

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FTC- This video was sponsored by Home Chef. All opinions are my own.

28 Replies to “FINALLY UNBOXING IPSY PLUS & BOXYLUXE! Are They Worth It?! A Year Late Unboxing!”

  1. Hi guys! I hope you are having a good day! So…..these unboxing are a bit late…like by a year lol. ButI still wanted to unbox them to get a first impression of what they are like. Let me know what you guys think about these boxes! Are they worth it? I hope you are doing well! Love ya! 💖

  2. I am a huge fan, I see all your videos, but just this video I see toooo much bronze on your nose >_<

  3. I keep wanting to click that heart in the corner of your screen does anyone else want to do that like fill it in like on tiktok

  4. Oh yeah, those itty bitty eye shadows with all the space around them spaced crooked, I have an issue with that too!

  5. I loved watching this sooo much! I really love your channel! My YouTube channel is very similar if you want to check it out! I encourage you to come see, and feedback is welcome! If you do enjoy my content, feel free to subscribe, comment, and like so I can welcome you to my YouTube family! 🙂

  6. One of those Farrah brushes did break on me. It's the only brush I've ever had break, but they sure are pretty!

  7. I just watched this "year late unboxing" a year late and I still enjoyed it. LOL (its never too late to unbox a subscription box 😉 thanks for sharing.

  8. You might do things late, but here I am, totally addicted to your channel since 3 weeks and commenting on a video from a year ago…so….Happy that I found the original Cooking with Alexandria!!!

  9. Why r u so cute? A cooking show? Im down.
    Alex, u could do whatever, & I'd watch!
    Happy holidays & have a great new year on nicholas's cages face!

  10. I have been BINGING your videos for like a week now. Your personality is so infectious and wholesome 💛💛

  11. The Elemis cream came in a trial size in a regular ipsy bag. It was really good and I considered buying a full size until I realized how expensive it is. But it's a great cream.

  12. My head will hurt having that kind of eye shadow, I thought the case was melted because it's soo messy LOL

  13. Hi Alexandria! You're so cute and spunky and I love watching your videos. Do you ever do giveaways for your subscribers/followers with products you won't necessarily use or have more than one of?

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