Finishing Up The New Goonzquad Garage!!!

The new goonzquad garage is almost fully operational!! This has been one heck of a project and now were are closing in on the final steps. We have been delayed so many times on certain things here but now its all coming together. Cant wait to have all the little stuff finished and do some epic builds up in here! Thanks For Watching!!!

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Rossville,GA 30741

17 Replies to “Finishing Up The New Goonzquad Garage!!!”

  1. Do an overhang above your office door on your commercial building. Your future customers will appreciate it.

  2. You guys need to find someone to put your logo on the g doors 🚪 goon on one and zquad on the other or something. A mural on the side or something 🤔 branding brossssss. Market yoselves lol.

  3. Already been through 7 bottles of dang sauce and going to order more….i share it with everyone!

  4. I would Install a security system on the new shop. Safe you on any frustrations down the road.

  5. You guys ahould definitely add some windows in the garage it will be worth it!

  6. Pops prolly got listeria. I had it and am sorta getting over it right now. It lasts forever. FLorida food had some in it and they said to throw the Romaine lettuce but, it can be on other lettuce and food too.. I threw everything in the drawer and washed it out cause it is that bad. I washed the tomatoes real good. Good luck on that and hope you feel better.

  7. You need some sound deading materials in the office area. maybe some acoustic panels. Don't forget to get a TV and a couch. Looking good……………

  8. Please 🙏🏻 start shipping dang sauce too the uk please please 🙏🏻 I need to try it

  9. Scotty with the nice camera angles, Simon & lil sis might be out of a job 😂

  10. Okay, if you want suggestions…..I'd replace that door into the shop from the office with a heavy steel door that locks from the shop side. With all the tools and supercars you have and the industrial location, it would be a piece of cake to bust into the office through the glass door and steal or vandalize your tools and cars. And while you're at it, a burglar alarm might make a lot of sense…..

  11. Your Mom and Dad were a great idea for your qoonzguad video's ..What a real nice couple they are ''Keep it up great video's to watch for the whole family..Been trying to buy your Dang Sauce on Amazon for about 2 months they never have any and since i live in Canada the shipping from your store cost way to much

  12. Use those logs to create a small wall for dog park , and u can build small activity stuff for dogs to have fun

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