First Imp. Review – NEW Milani Power lip gloss & stain-TRY ON/Swatches

Loving these so much right now!!! ♥

Hey girl heeeeeeeey! I couldn’t wait to try these bad boys man! I really really enjoy these a lot and love the color selection! These colors are going to work fabulous for the spring summer time! I hope this was helpful to you! Let me know if I left anything out so I can let you know down below!!! LOVE YOU GUYS! xoxo Melisa

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  1. It's amazing how products go in and out so fast. I am just seeing this (I wasn't into Milani a couple years ago). This is now an "old products" less than 3 years later. I see that it is still sold at but there is no need to try it out because I may not be able to find it. If I ever get into a dollar store I will look for it and try it for a buck. Thanks for sharing this info.

  2. I just got the pink lemonade today. My mom picked it up from the drug store for me to try it out. I absolutely love it.

  3. How am i just hearing about these!? They look gorgeous!! I dont know if they will look as awesome as they do on you, but all the shades look so irresistable! Thank u!!

  4. You should do a tutorial on how you did your eye makeup. I kept having to pause to see what you did. I love it! And love your review! You were very detailed and helpful! Now I really wanna go and try it myself!

  5. Before putting on lipgloss stains, lipsticjs and lipglosses, I heard it's a good idea to put chapstick or something first on your lips? What do you recommend???

  6. I am definitely going to get me some of these after watching your review!! I love the Cabaret Blend that is a gorgeous color!!! Thanks!! 

  7. good review, but only one thing confused me…..when you did the test you started out with creamy café and 4 hours later had on a red one, did the color change? or did you change your mind about which color to test and change it before going out?

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