News to Go – The health benefits of malunggay on Eat and Go 3/16/11

News to Go’s regular food segment “Eat and Go” looks at the many nutritional benefits of malunggay– a leafy green vegetable rich in iron, calcium and other vitamins. PeterThose who aren’t fond of eating vegetables can get the vegetable’s nutrients by checking out malunggay-based cookies and crackers.

11 Replies to “News to Go – The health benefits of malunggay on Eat and Go 3/16/11”

  1. This can indeed bankrupt big pharma. That's why some of them manufactured moringa-supplements.

  2. (ung comment ko hindi to tungkol sa malunggay para to sa mga bata).. kung ayaw kumain ng mga bata ng gulay?? gutumin!, paluin!, sermunan!, bakit mo susundin ang gusto nila? mga bata yan! para kang nag aalaga ng monster niyan pag ganyan.. wag ibigay ang layaw para di lumaking pasaway!

  3. we bought an organic powdered malunggay leaf and i empty 2 capsules everyday and combine it to my toddler's milk :D..luckily, mas gusto niya ng powered milk (NIDO) so 2 capsules sa boiled water mix then add the powdered milk ,mixed them well again then add the cold water and their u go 😀

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