Fish Out Of Water, Profit Talker | Ashville Weekly ep136

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This week at Ashville, we have 2 trains coming in, another delivery of tyres and rims, there is progress at the refurbishment project and Daniel tries to find a home for a homeless fish.

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22 Replies to “Fish Out Of Water, Profit Talker | Ashville Weekly ep136”

  1. Is it just me, or do the last 4/5 videos seem a bit rushed? Just seems like Daniel is putting out videos just for the sake of it

  2. Need yourself some wear kits on those buckets that will use the material as a barrier

  3. Hello Daniel
    Another interesting episode.I would just like to point out,when your tyre fitter is inflating tyres. He could really do with a steel,inflation cage.
    This would protect him when inflating,against the rim becoming dislodged. Many years I witnessed a rim dislodging and flying off the rim breaking the tyre fitters leg.

  4. This will be my last Ashville weekly as I'm ending my life today. Enjoyed your videos Daniel thank you

  5. I see an improvement in the Video Editing Team. Videos show a bit more polish … Well done Ashville !!!

  6. Got lucky with insulation we’re putting in 230mm it’s ridiculous

  7. well i hope you do make good money , you work hard and care for your staff , wish all bosses where like you .

  8. Just like the company, the Weekly is getting stronger, something for every one, ????

  9. I admire and respect what you've done over the years I've followed you. I can't remember the date but it was around the time I saw you drag racing the various machinery with Yianni & Mat ???? Then led me to get hooked into your vid on Southern Grove (mega impressed) and never regretted being a subscriber from then on. The Ashville hoodie is still going strong ????
    Respect & Appreciation, Andy

  10. @Ashville I have been getting around the construction and transport equipment world lately and gotten across an interesting train setup for material transport and aggregates, which could be beneficial to you, your rail service provider and other aggregates' provider in your area or country. I don't know if something like it would be sensible to look into that system as you got your Liebherr anyway, but as we all know you like trains, and it might be fun to know and look at.

    Anyways i hope you have a nice day so far


  11. I know absolutely nothing about your business, but I do know the difference between a knife and a fork.????????

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