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Our Foundations of Yoga series continues with this Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana) which is great stretch for the back and hamstrings. Cooling and calming, this pose is great before bed to aid insomnia and great anytime to release tension and toxic thoughts. Also a great pose to ease headaches – believe it or not! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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25 Replies to “Forward Fold Yoga Pose – Yoga With Adriene”

  1. Day 131 of the current run (part 2!). I wanted just a little more after the Yoga for Equestrians, so I brought this one up. Pulsing while in forward fold is a hell of a feeling, caught me off guard how intense that was. Going to keep it in mind for future flows.

  2. I have learned so much from the foundations of yoga videos. I love that you make it fun as well!!

  3. I'm going back through to the oldest videos now in 2022-If only I had known about YWA in 2012, what a different life it might have been! (but of course, "everything is as it should be")

  4. Hi Adriene. I’m really enjoyed your video on hamstrings. 5 weeks ago I fractured my RT sit bone in frog only to my elbows. No pain when it popped until the next afternoon. I really like yoga & don’t want to give it up. I had to give up running 12 yrs ago due to back surgery. My yoga journey is only 4 yrs new. It’s helped me with my balance and flexibility. I will always have pain b/c of the surgery. Yoga has helped me & frustrated me because I couldn’t do what I was watching on YouTube. I’m still in PT and slowly trying to get back to doing yoga at a pace that’s good for me. Thank you so very much for showing how to do forward fold. I know I haven’t been very nice to my hamstrings. ????????????

  5. Hey! I’m completely new to yoga, I decided to give it a go to change up my stretching routine in training for a marathon. I came here thinking I could do a deep forward fold… oh how wrong I was. This is very different from what I used to do, so much more effective and very humbling. Love it! I’m enthusiastic to follow your videos daily!

  6. Hello, I am half wAy through forward fold, will I be able to do it perfectly if I keep doing it or is it my body which is not fit?

  7. I'm extremely stiff and my hamstrings start to burn by around 2:33. How the hell do you do this? Is there a quick way to make hamstrings stretch?

  8. Hello past Adriene, I am coming back to these basics…. as I find I've actually been doing this pose incorrectly (doing as much as I can and as honestly as I can…) but it's all good… the ofirst thing I've learned early on from your channel is that Yoga is indeed a journey rather than "text book copy&paste"for lack of better way of putting it. Instead of " brushing over this pose moving along to something I can actually do" I will do well to spend some time each day getting to know my forward fold 🙂

    Massive thank you for almost a decade (perhaps more? Never really went out of my way to look at your first video as such) of awesome tutorials!
    You're ace, please never change 🙂

    Namaste! ????

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