Pain and Cramping During Pregnancy: When to Worry | Parents

Mom-to-bes can expect a fair amount of aches. Watch this trimester-specific guide on how to tell if your pain or cramping could be more serious.



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29 Replies to “Pain and Cramping During Pregnancy: When to Worry | Parents”

  1. I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I have like cramping on my right side and then it moves to the middle. Like waves

  2. Im 16 weeks and ive been experiencing cramps the whole pregnancy, has anyone else had this issue? this is my first pregnancy and i just worry to much, am i the only one that worries too much ?

  3. This video was so helpful. It helped me relax and gave me peace, as I was experiencing pain from the stretching of my round ligament. Thank you

  4. I am experiencing some frequent cramps that feels like period cramps all throughout the day and about 8 weeks pregnant. Hoping for good vibes & prayers plz first pregnancy quite nervous ???? I just want everything to go well!

  5. Why theres something i feel on my right side of lower abdomen?i am scared because i was miscarriage same yr and now i am in 4week i am very worried of ectopic. I will go to see doc after 5 week.

  6. I'm 32 weeks and I have pain constantly all the time. Laying down does not help. All over my belly it feels cramps and I feel nauseous and I'm throwing up. My doctor says he can't find anything wrong and he can't do anything else…. I also can't breath at all when laying down and it's hard to breathe when I am not.

  7. I think I need to see a doctor since the first day I became pregnant,I have this terrible stomach pain and I can’t stand for long or even go to work anymore.

  8. My pain rarely goes away. I am 13 weeks and still having cramps and pain. Its worrying at times! Feels like i am seeing my periods for months!

  9. Do you have appointment for fibroids operations, do you know any woman that's in this condition? With the help of Dr Aluda on YouTube, the surgery may not be necessary after all.

  10. I'm 8 weeks pregnant please I need help. I've serious low abdominal pain going through my anus. I can't walk. I've been in pain for over 5 hours now am worried

  11. 30 weeks and started cramping 🙁 middle and lower back paid. I lay down once it starts hurting and it helps. I would take Tylenol or heating pad for my back.

  12. Reading people’s experiences made me feel less worried I was worried about a miscarriage. I have a OBGYN schedule I’m more than two weeks pregnant, showed positive on test. It’s been three weeks since the positive result. At first I was having normal morning sickness but I’m starting to develop cramps in lower abdomen now time to time sometimes goes away. When I pee, the pee is normal in toilet but when whipping I have a little pink/brown discharge. I am praying that I am fine but kinda worried

  13. I’m cramping a lot with brown spotting, comes and goes but not heavy. Please give me some advice

  14. I have had pain all throughout the pregnancy and I’m 11 weeks it hurts so bad especially working and sometimes laying down doesn’t help

  15. Am pregnant 8 weeks now and am feeling the same pain .lower abdominal n cramping atimes ,every time I go to the washroom quickly thinking that am bleeding ,but then no and am so happy .. but it’s so worrying

  16. I'm almost 20weeks and i just started having pain on my lower back, hips, pelvic area. The pain doesn't last long but it goes away and comes. I know these has something to do with my pregnancy, cos before I was pregnant I didn't have any of these.

  17. I’m pregnant having pain mostly on my left side which also goes to my leg I’ll be doing an ultrasound

  18. Exactly 40 weeks today (my due date is predicted to be today) & cramps started this morning. I’ve been having them all day, they’re pretty painful but not unbearable. I can feel the cramp start to come on and gradually build up in pain then it slowly goes away. These cramps last about 1 minute. I was having them every 8-15 minutes this morning now I’m getting about 4-5 an hour. I’m thinking that I will be going into labor soon. I never had cramps up until a couple of days ago????????

  19. i have like menstrual pain but they are much worse and today from my hips to my knees hurt like i've never felt before and really bad cramps

  20. I am having awhile HG, i have like awful soreness bc i can’t stop puking. Can’t keep water down. I look so weak and jaundiced and lost a lot of weight. I am in so much pain as well. Like awful pain i feel so tired but i am never rested. This is horrific and i want it to stop. I am not keeping this i believe it is ectopic like my last one.

  21. I’m 30 days out from the first day of my last period , I’ve had pms cramps ???? on and off for a week or so I’d think, this is my third baby, if I’m pregnant, I feel on and off sickness but then again that also happened before my last months period started, this time I almost wanted to throw up tho.

  22. Why does no one talk about this they are like some cramps they frickin hurt and have them a lot 5 weeks in ik its just normal but literally didn't expect it to be this bad

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