Free Flowing Wire Wrap With Shells – Part 1, by JaniceMae

Janice Mae provides an easy tutorial on free form wire wrap of an irregular shaped object, like shell. Watch Part 2 –, and keep up with Janice at: (The hub) (The blog) (The Etsy shop, of course) (feeds – Etsy, the Blog and Youtube)

11 Replies to “Free Flowing Wire Wrap With Shells – Part 1, by JaniceMae”

  1. I love this idea, and adding beads as well. I love rocks, and have a collection that would be nice to do this with. Thank you for sharing your skills and love of paper beads with me. Peace.

  2. HI my name is  Raquel I live in Puerto Rico I like this technic you are using for these shell what size wire are you using.  it looks great to me I have a few shell to do this technic thank you

  3. Janice thank you so much for this video!!! I have been doing beading work for years but never felt very comfortable with wire work. I have a bag of shells that I have been fighting with for a while now and I can't wait to use this technique.

  4. Thanks – I love shells and have collected more than I know what to do with. Since I don't know how to safely drill holes into them, I will now try your method of turning the prettiest of them into pendants. I think they'll make nice presents too.

  5. Great video. May I ask what kind of wire you are using? I've purchased some Gold plated wire and used it before but it tarnished. I purchased it at my local craft store. where can I find wire that doesn't tarnish??

  6. Terrific video! I always wanted to know what to do with my shells. What kind of glitter do you use?

  7. its making my eyes go funny. wish you had kept the camera still.

  8. Entiendo pero no escribo inglés, gracias por su explicación propia de una "maestra", clara, precisa. Voy a tratar de hacerlo, me encanta!!!.Thank you.

  9. do you ever have problems with the glitter coming off on your hands as you wrap? If so how do you remedy this?

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