From Butchers to Blacksmiths | The Bearded Butchers

In todays video Seth and Scott will be trading in their knives for a hammer and fire at Lockhart Ironworks in Logan, OH. Doug Lockhart will be taking them through all the steps on how to make a handmade 10″ carbon steel skillet!

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11 Replies to “From Butchers to Blacksmiths | The Bearded Butchers”

  1. Be careful using coconut oil! My daughter has an allergy to it and she could die from eating it. We have to read and check on everything she is going to eat. Just some advice.

  2. one of your best videos not that any are bad
    wish I could buy your beef on line

  3. I still think you need to make Damascus knives out of your old knives that you put in your junk cabinet. Hell I’d buy that chef knife.

  4. Love the old school process and the American made with American materials. Great video, BB's! ????????

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