From Nerd to Princess! *Mermaid Beauty Makeover Hacks and Gadgets

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What if you met a mermaid ????‍♀️, but she doesn’t look like the one in fairy tales? Worry no more, as you can turn every one or every mermaid into a princess with these hacks and gadgets ✨!
Start with basic hygiene tools, make up, and even advanced beauty tools, we have it all ????!
Watch and find out!

Timestamps :
0:28 Clean your teeth in one go / Toothbrush
1:01 Don’t touch the pimples / Acne patches
1:33 Pump it up / Push up panties
2:15 Instant plump lips / Rubber band
2:57 Natural snail essence from the source / Snail
3:25 Better than temporary tattoo / Markers
4:04 Clean out dirts inside ear / Earwax remover
4:40 Smoothen those fins / Electric brush
5:22 Add those fin-like texture to your skin / Fishnet tights
5:58 Remove hairs on unwanted places / Hair remover strip
6:21 Easily shape and color your brows / Eyebrow stencil
6:41 It’s not only for your teeth / Electric toothbrush
7:29 Manicure at home / Mini nail salon
8:09 A must have for total makeover / Contact lens
8:31 Helps you shave easily / Hair removal spray
9:11 Add gems to your hair and body / Hair sparkle

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  2. OK this is my second comment but I need that toothbrush I hate brushing my teeth the normal way

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