Stunning Mid Century Dining Table Build – Hope it makes my Wife Happy?

My Brass Hammer:

Handheld Morticer Plans:

Thanks to Carbatec and Laguna Tools

This was a project I’ve been meaning to get to for a good few years but I couldn’t come up with a design I was happy with. I’m super pleased with the outcome but more importantly the family love it too! Now I need to design some chairs.

As always I’m happy to answer any questions.

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25 Replies to “Stunning Mid Century Dining Table Build – Hope it makes my Wife Happy?”

  1. That turned out incredibly nice. When you threw that black epoxy on, I was like, "oh no!". But it was like when Bob Ross would put a big black mess on a beautiful painting, and then turn it into an awesome tree.

  2. When you finished that too surface you read my mind, it really made it pop, the black looked great

  3. The design turned out really very well. Well done, Neil. And thank you for sharing.

  4. The mistakes are so encouraging and do not detract from the finished product in any way. Thank you so much for taking us along on the journey ❀

  5. As a snake owner/enthusiast just wanna say cheers on you for treating that surprise python with respect

  6. Turned out to be an incredibly nice table, good job, it turned out very nice in the end ????????

  7. Absolutely beautiful table, the black really helped it stand out. Even better when you put the finish on. Glad your wife loves it too ????
    P.S. that was the most Australian thing….spots a python and didn't even worry about it. Yeah, man, it's just a python, we got way scarier snakes here in Australia! ????

  8. Your channel has been such an inspiration Neil. The last glamour shot of the table and your photography on the wall (and the lampshade for that matter) tilted my purchase for that brass hammer…I could use your kind of mojo in MY shop! Many thanks from the States! BTW – Nice python shots! Best wishes to you and the family!

  9. AWESOME I know that she will love it and I do too.AWESOME job????????????????????????????????

  10. The black epoxy reminded me of the tile backsplash I did in the first house my wife and I owned. I did white tile which I cut two corners off so opposite corners had a small black tile insert.
    I had planned black grout and after I had all the tile work done I was hesitant (afraid) to proceed with the grout. Once I finally went ahead with it, it all came together as I hoped and it looked beautiful just as your table top does.

  11. God must be cruel, one would think the convicts already paid their debt to society. But the convict's offsprings have to inhabit the hellscape that is Australia. Haha. I am such a girl (am I allowed to say that?), I would have lost my senses finding a snake in my house/workshop.
    The black epoxy made the table, all the different colours of the small pieces need a contrast to stand out. This table is beautiful, beats my 2,5" Oak slab table with a long shot.:)

  12. Y'know what Mr. Pask, that certainly turned out a stunning piece of work, and was an impressive demonstration of your skills, ability, and creativity. But having said all that, the main lesson you taught was commitment to the job. The levels of tedium involved with most aspects of that job would put a lot of people off, or have them searching for shortcuts. But you have definitively proved that if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well ???????????? !!!! Please please show us the vid for the matching chairs ????????????. You know you want to ????. ????

  13. Hurray! A gorgeous, β€œhome” project. Mrs. P must be VERY pleased ????????????????

  14. A pleasure to watch as usual. A stunning piece of furniture that anyone would be proud to have in their home.

  15. you are an absolute master craftsman. you never fail to amaze. another awesome project and video.

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