Frozen Ingredients ONLY Battle | But can a Chef Tell?

Today Jamie and Barry go head to head in an ULTIMATE FROZEN FOOD BATTLE! Can they pull off a tasty dish ONLY using frozen food AND will chef Ben notice?!

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16 Replies to “Frozen Ingredients ONLY Battle | But can a Chef Tell?”

  1. Damn that was clever!! Good one guys ???????????????? and yes, get the pro chefs to have a crack

  2. Frozen ingredients became a reliable staple during lockdown, and its a habit that I have retained since that ended. I always have ready chopped onion, carrot and celery in the freezer, and a good selection of herbs, chilli and ginger. Freezing spare bits of fresh herbs is a no brainer too, so that you can add interest to soups stews etc with minimal waste. Word or warning though – always label things clearly – I discovered that home grown yellow tomato pulp can be easily confused with orange pulp when both frozen and it really doesn't make an ideal spanish almond and orange cake – Yikes!

  3. I was waiting for bazz to have a Eureka moment and microwave the ice. Or just put it on the hob.

  4. using ice instead of water was stupid and for a channel that promotes green and sustainable cooking very bad as ice is a huge contributor to power use

  5. I use mainly frozen veggies and meat. All the meat my brother brings home from the meat processing plant is already frozen.

  6. I keep meaning to ask, but do they not sell spiced minced meat in the UK on its own. I swear they are always deconstructing sausage links.

  7. Kush, wild garlic grows up here in the north too.
    I live in Ramsbottom, which is literally named after Ramsa (wild garlic) and the main parks and local woods have tonnes of it

  8. Frozen fish is one of the most freshest forms of fish you can get in a supermarket. It has the least ammount of bacteria

  9. Salt is frozen. You can melt it if you want. While oil is not frozen, shortening is.

  10. Jamie's 'Prawn-Gazy Pie' is my favourite. ????

    I think it's time to give Barry and Jamie a Chef's hat at the very least. ???? ???? ????

  11. Which normal is the target of the most sabotaging? I feel like it's poor Barry.

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