GARDENING HACKS FOR SUMMER || How to Grow Your Own Plants

Hello, friends!
Garden season in full swing. We have prepared new video with cool planting ideas and useful gardening crafts for your hobby. We will show you how you can use pop it in your garden. It’s cool, right? 🙂 You will also find helpful tutorials on how to make a vertical suspended garden for plants. If you don’t have your own backyard garden, don’t worry. Keep watching this video to learn how to grow your own avocado tree or how to grow peppers from seeds. Nothing difficult. What’s more, we will show you an incredible idea so that you will always have fresh green onions for salad and don’t have to go to the store to get them. All you need for this is an egg tray.


02:45 DIY greenhouse
04:19 How to grow plants in a sponge
09:13 Awesome décor idea
10:59 Easy way to make fertilizer

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23 Replies to “GARDENING HACKS FOR SUMMER || How to Grow Your Own Plants”

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  2. I Grew up on a corn farm. My first job was detassling corn. There's no freaking way that works. THAT'S NOT NOT WHAT GROWING CORN EVEN LOOKS LIKE. Most of this growing stuff is clearly CGI and plastic plants. Also, 99% of corn in the USA can't be grown from a corn cob because it's been hybridized.

  3. What are the rainbow things where you punch out the holes? It’s at the start of the video.

  4. 2:00 you can clearly see that it is just an animation because the plants did not move the way normal plants do
    5:26 also the insects move unrealistically

  5. These things are kinda useful and some people might not have all the things but I still like your vids I don’t watch your vids as much tho but I still watch every now and then. I would love to try your hacks tho

  6. All you have to do is get a seed go into your backyard digger hole in the ground and put it in the water it was just a little bit of sunlight no need to do all of this

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    5MC needs some serious psychiatric help

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