Genius Idea? Must Watch! Not Clickbait!

Use your table saw as an accurate marking gauge with this ultra-simple upgrade.

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26 Replies to “Genius Idea? Must Watch! Not Clickbait!”

  1. Great technique John, I love it! Let me share another tip on the table saw to easily line up your stock with the saw blade path. Raise up the saw blade to max (or so) and drop a metal ruler flat onto the table and lean it against the left side of two opposing tooth tips (height of the blade may have to be adjusted), and using a scratch awl (or better, with a carbide tip scriber), meticulously scribe a line from the saw blade up to the front of the saw table. That line will be particularly appreciated when setting a miter gauge angle with both ends of a line scribed on a workpiece. Best, Serge

  2. John, I have no idea what drugs, chemical fumes, or other mind-altering substances you might be on at times. But you are about the most awesome "outside-of-the-box" idea guy ever!
    All the Best, Chuck

  3. Luvit! took a while for the penny to drop – and then it fell right thru' ! was about to make one on the plastic insert of my Bandsaw…… Good job we do "procedures" before we start… THink I could start an assembly line upcycling sawbenches with brushless motors or even rotorless Stators with that attachment. THanks for the idea

  4. I'm going to do this. I'm going to try a double screw and see how it effects tear-out also. Jim Y

  5. There are those who just think of something, and then there are some who have brilliant ideas. Congratulations John, you did it again!!

  6. A couple of gears and some recessed handle and you could rotate that screw without lifting the insert.

  7. For a great upgrade, you could replace the screw with a pencil, then you wouldn't even need to follow it up with a pencil mark. If you really like the screw method, I think it would be easy to recess in a slot at the bottom and glue in a neod magnet. That way, you don't have to resharpen a new screw every time. I don't think a table saw will create enough vibration to knock it loose.

  8. You will undoubtedly have consistent and very precise markings on your pieces with this method. Good thinking, John!!

    I think you could do this with a steel throat plate, as well. Make sure to drill your hole a slight bit smaller than your screw so the screw fits tightly into the space.

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