Germany strongly backs India against China; Berlin envoy slams Chinese aggression at LAC

German ambassador to India, Philipp Ackermann, said on Tuesday that China’s claim on Arunachal Pradesh is “outrageous” and its infringement on India’s northern border is unacceptable as it amounts to a violation of the international order. He described Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an “Indian problem” as it too is a violation of the international world akin to China’s actions on the northern border. Watch the video for more.

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20 Replies to “Germany strongly backs India against China; Berlin envoy slams Chinese aggression at LAC”

  1. Finally, Germany played a role instead of hiding at back and shooting moral compass at others. Way to go Germany.

  2. @hindustan times —Very very good quality of video news. This is future of news. Amazing is sound tracks choices with each news. I never read HT but this reporting of international, Military affairs of HT is beyond all others new sources.
    BTW National Politics the best one is ANI. No doubts

  3. Why does india not understand Germany is a racist country its part of usa uk the g7 who have murdered coloured races through out history they are all collaborating together as one to dominate coloured nations they have a thought that whites are superior than coloured people look at all the the nations who they have sanctioned to make them do what they want and change your cultures the play by their fake human rights fake democracies and have stopped coloured refugees but open the doors for ukrainian refugees setup charity's to support them but did not open doors for coloured refugees or set charity's for coloured people what the made through the false wars on fake flags 9//11 was setup up by g7 countrys do not fall for their lies they have not changed but their tactical approach has

  4. So after 50 decades they are giving a statement on Chinese aggression and in return they want us to give statement against Russia who was our friend when all of the Europe was against us. They should either attack China from Taiwan side or be prepared to wait for the right time. Russia is our time tested ally, we are not Pakistan

  5. Do not celebrate the statements of German ambassador yet. Germans are known for sympathy towards Pakistan. Germany under Angela Merkel was China's biggest ally.

  6. 1st. Of all.. German backed Dw news stop misleading propaganda against India.
    2nd. Germany support pakistan twice time in past UN resolution against Kashmir issue. Btw, both resolution declined by France veto & Russian veto.
    Germany does not clear stand.. which side choose !? Democracy or Autocracy

  7. This man is a discredit to the Aryan Race. Herr Heinrich Himmler wouldnt hesitate to send this man to Treblinka.

  8. India should be careful.. We should not fight with china unless it attacks… Because these western countries provoke us and leave… USA wants to destroy China's economy

  9. Whole of European Union including Germany gave lip sympathy to india in Chinese aggression now it is immoral to ask india to indulge in Ukraine affairs west lost all sense of proportionality

  10. You are russian propagandist… uwant world support but you reject west democratic world order.. like Supporting ukraine from Putin's aggression

  11. I have scratched your back ,now scratch mine fast within 5 minutes and forget your freind who's been scratching your back for past 30 years. Or else I will go against you 😜😜😜

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