Get THICK Arms ???????? The Best Guide you’ll ever see

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12 Replies to “Get THICK Arms ???????? The Best Guide you’ll ever see”

  1. Train with me on my app doing my actual weekly program | 7-Day Free Trial | $8.99/mo
    IMPORTANT INFO➡️ Thick arms will be yours if you ⬇️

    1️⃣ Stick to the same exercises each week

    2️⃣ Train them once your twice (you don’t need more)

    3️⃣ Train close to, or to failure (6-12 reps is a great range. The fewer, the more efficient)

    4️⃣ Rest at least 3 min between sets

    5️⃣ Strive to get stronger (In other words, Do NOT chase a pump or a burn)

    Full development of the Forearms, Biceps, and Triceps takes years of hard work. I didn’t develop the truly “thick” look until perhaps 4-5 years into training. Stay patient. If I can do it, so can you ✊????

    – Davis

    #Shorts #Armworkout #Biceps #Triceps #Forearms

  2. Man you’re gonna end up starting a rap career with how quick you’re talking to pump out all this stellar info. I’m all for it though

  3. I feel like I’d be bigger with the gym machines, I only have a curl bar and dumbbells

  4. honestly you have changed my physique completely, thank you for your videos

  5. I like how he always wants us to have this informations!????????????

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