gettin' sh*t done for school (NYC, depop, meetings…) | margot lee

hey hey 🙂 found this footage from before I came to school, and the instagram-story-poll consensus was that it should be uploaded anyway!
let me know your SPECIFIC thoughts on the podcast (would you listen, what structures do you prefer, what topics do you want me to cover)….
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Age: 21 (when this video is being posted)
School: Syracuse University
Major: Advertising
Height: Almost 5’9″!

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19 Replies to “gettin' sh*t done for school (NYC, depop, meetings…) | margot lee”

  1. are you vegan or vegetarian? sorry im new here lol i love your videos! 🙂

  2. Hi Margot,
    I love watching your videos and have been for a while. I know you've mentioned this before but I was wondering what your degree/major is?

  3. your videos are so motivating!! your life seems so put together I love it! it inspires me to get up and be more productive, keep doing what you're doing💞

  4. I would absolutely listen to your podcast!!! I think you are MADE for podcasting and would definitely become a favorite of mine and others!

  5. you could always make a second vlog/q&a/casual video channel if you’re worried about two different niches in your brand. or just keep everything on your main channel and we’ll all love and support you just the same 🙂

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