Getting Ready with Camila Mendes | Vogue

Camila Mendes gets ready for fashion’s biggest night of the year.

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28 Replies to “Getting Ready with Camila Mendes | Vogue”

  1. This was a stunning dress. Cami looked gorgeous. It's a shame it didn't get more carpet coverage! 💗

  2. Is no one gonna talk about how I thought is was Camilo cabalo and Shawn Mendes and like his wife

  3. Okay when she explained the inspo behind the look it made sense. At first it looks like it’s inspired by the golden age not the gilded age but when mentions the inspiration that I actually didn’t know about the woman who held the light bulb for the first time. It made soooo much more sense. She looks amazing

  4. Why is nobody talking about how the background music in this video was ON POINT

  5. She looks gorgeous, but I’m iffy about that hair. The swoop in the front is 🥴🥴

  6. Her eyes are mesmerizing….

    Like, I’d she cross-eyed? Are they just too closely set?

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