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Sohla’s here and she brought a giant almond croissant. It’s a fun, easy treat that’s got all of the elements of an almond croissant, but in an extra-crunchy, sharable format. Store bought puff pastry gets rolled out flat, baked, filled and covered with frangipane, then sprinkled with flaky salt and sliced almonds on top. Then Sohla shows us how to make hazelnut and ham and cheese variations. Choose your own adventure, giant croissant style!

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12 Replies to “Giant Croissants 3 Ways | Sohla El-Waylly | NYT Cooking”

  1. Sola's knowledge and demeanor makes her an ideal instructor. She's simply marvelous.

  2. Where can we find written recipes with exact amounts, etc.? Personally, I can’t cook from a video; I need specifics…And she is inspiring and easy to watch. These are brilliant!

  3. I want it to be clear that I liked and subscribed for only 1 reason. That's Sohla

  4. Sohla is a genius! Using the baking sheet rim as a guide to make sure that the slice is even?? BRILLIANT!

  5. So good! So easy! The line is silly — say it however you like! It's just that simple.

  6. Loved watching Sohla fantastic ideas will try this for sure you made it look so easy please come on more often. Thank you again ????

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