I Fixed My Problem with the PSVR2!

I got the new PSVR2 and it had one problem – I had to fix it. I go through how I design and prototype different project iterations as I finally land on the solution to the PSVR2 problem.

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I Fixed the Problem with the PSVR2

I Like To Make Stuff

26 Replies to “I Fixed My Problem with the PSVR2!”

  1. I'm totally going to adapt this to hang on the underside of my computer desk. Real Estate is at a premium on my desk because all my consoles go to one monitor. Thanks Bob!

  2. If you told me this was an official PlayStation accessory, I would totally believe you. That looks awesome!!

  3. I don't think most people realise that you guys go through this planning, designing, prototyping, and production process for basically every video. You essentially launch a new product every week or so while most companies don't do that. Thanks for showing your process. The final design looks great. I loved the black and white colour scheme of the holder. It matches the console nicely.

  4. Pretty interesting process, Bob! Thanks for all the tips! ????
    Stay safe there with your family! ????????

  5. This is genius and a great way to execute any project!

    I wish I would have had this when I built my website and started my business ????

    Great video!

  6. Well done Bob! That turned out very functional & looks terrific! The only thing that I would have added would be pieces of felt or sponge material on the surfaces that the helmet contacts. ????????

  7. Really interesting video ! I never thought of using cardboard for prototyping my 3D models ! This is a really neat idea which will greatly improve my subsequent projects ! Thank you !

  8. Linus (LTT) just made a video about his media cabinet too. Would love to see a collab with LTT on you channel! 🙂

  9. All that work, just to make the collective minds charging/storing system

  10. Great vid, just one question since it’s not clear to me. Who’s the consumer?

    Jk long time fan keep you the good work

  11. Thanks for the vid! That little doing when almost checking that last part off- PERCFECT!

  12. I just wonder how easy it will be to store the headset once the shelve is inside the cupboard and you have only access from the front and not from the top.

  13. if your trying to get rid of that 4k short throw projector from how many episodes ago ill be glad to take it off your hands haha

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