Awful News About My Dream House

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You all have been SO supportive as I’ve embarked on this journey of building my dream home and so I’ve got some NEWS!!! ????

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10 Replies to “Awful News About My Dream House”

  1. Such a smart change of plans!! Good on you! And you love your neighbors, and that’s always a good thing. Thanks for sharing, I think that’s as valuable to show yourself making tough decisions. ????????

  2. I always say, everything happens for a reason and a lesson on gratitude what you have now is beautiful and patience. I had the same thing happen to me and now I’m glad I did not build in a rural area and now I am 70 and retired. Did not need the new build. The new plan , you have is a great idea.

  3. Question..
    We're building our dream home with cash and not having a mortgage (I'M SO EXCITED)!!! I was wondering what program you're using? I'm designing the house ourselves so using that program would be amazing for me to actually visualize and make changes.

  4. So glad you are staying in your lovely, historical home! You’ve already put so much of yourself into it. I LOVE the bedroom/bath, LOVE the family room, and especially LOVE relocating your dining room near the kitchen. Can’t think of “nary” a downside!????????

  5. Will you be putting a basement under this new space? You've gotta do something or you'll freeze in the winter and bake in the summer

  6. This is my favourite video you’ve done, Rebecca! I loved hearing your thought process and how you pivoted through all the ideas. The new plan sounds great!

  7. "What are the downsides," you ask? Living in the house while all the addition is accomplished. But I ask, "What are you waiting on?" Time's a wastin'! Hire the contractor and get busy!

  8. love the new plans. few suggestions for you, did you think about moving your Laundry from the basement, to your main floor. You could add a small stackable in you closet or work it into your bathroom. Since you love your fireplace, would you add them into your new rooms. Last thing you might be careful with your plumbing on a outside wall, do to freezinng. I like in Oklahoma city are we do freeze alot. Think of all the new video you will be making:)

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