Glass Bread – Pan de Cristal

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Pan de Cristal or Glass Bread is a Spanish bread made with a 100% hydrated dough, that yield a shatteringly crisp crust and a chewy, holey interior. SOLD. #emmymade

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I adapted King Arthur Flour’s Pan de Cristal recipe:

00:00 Intro
0:23 Sponsorship
1:13 What is Pan de Cristal?
2:53 On the merits of using a big bowl.
3:17 Combing flour, salt, yeast & water.
4:10 Oiling the pan.
5:01 Bowl fold.
5:45 1st coil fold.
7:02 Turning out the dough.
7:38 Dividing the dough.
8:18 Baking instructions.
9:39 Slicing.
9:56 Interior.
10:40 Taste test.

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17 Replies to “Glass Bread – Pan de Cristal”

  1. I've heard of this bread before, but never tried it. Does look really nice, especially sounds really nice. ????

  2. Love that new to you Pyrex bowl! I remember my mom having a set with that design, but they were opaque.

  3. Wow ! This bread looks and sounds terrific. I am going to have to give this bread a go. Thank you so very much Emmy, you are these cheerleader for trying new recipes.

  4. How interesting! Never seen this bread nor have I seen bread made this way!

  5. I’ve had the hardest time finding bread flour in my area for the last 2 years, it’s nowhere. Anyone else have a issue.

  6. Thanks for still making this vid despite all the Friday activities and sick kid! Get better soon, the bread looks amazing, I want to try making it myself.

  7. 7:22 I mean, it looks like my dad-bod gut but sure, gorgeous is a word you could use I suppose ????

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