Keyboard IN the drawer, not a "keyboard drawer"

Making some drawers for a small desk. I figured having keyboard in one of the drawers would be very useful, but I wanted the drawer to also be usable as a drawer, so its a drawer with a keyboard in it.

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  1. lol, my "keyboard" drawer is filled with useless stuff. You have inspired me to use it:)

  2. It looks like you have a couple of the RP2040 Pico boards along with some others that I don't recognize. Could you make a video one day about your DIY microcontroller setups? It would be interesting to see what your strategy is for that type of thing, particularly since you seem to whip up new "home automation" setups quite quickly and effectively.

  3. Nice. I buy so many controllers and daughter boards, I need a drawer like that too. Really want to try that $5 controller EEVblog blogged about.

  4. That Dell keyboard is one of the best keyboards 🙂 I love it and use them all the time. Still searching them everywhere

  5. Great project! From the title I was hoping to see an elaborate keyboard auto-lift inside the drawer, but that's too much work for little use.

  6. i can never understand people who uses a keyboard in a drawer…. in order to use a keyboard in a drawer, your body has to be in some kind of weird & unhealthy posture, especially with the mouse on the desk. and it is wobbly in a drawer.

  7. "I got too much clutter on this…desk…" – every time I walk into my office… Excellent video as always. I'll echo the compliments on the rocker stop. An elegant, simple solution. Thanks, Matthias.

  8. Keyboard desk drawers have always felt extremely unergonomic to me. I always prefer my keyboard on the desk itself.

  9. I can't wait for the snow to melt and it warm up a little bit so I can go back in the shop and tinker. Zero degrees is too cold, especially if your painting, or glueing.

  10. As someone going insane trying to buy a decent desk, independently from price, I can't help but envy your ability to build them however your prefer.

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