Google Pixel 7 Pro – the big ‘bump’ has a few big problems….

The new google phone is all brains… not so much brawn. Let Audible help you discover new ways to laugh, be inspired, or be entertained. New members can try it free for 30 days. Visit or text JerryRig to 500-500. Googles smartphones have always been really smart. And while none of the recent Pixel phones have *failed* my durability test… some have come close. (Nothing as bad as the Google Nexus 6P from back in the day though)

Today we find out whats going on with the massive metal camera visor on Googles new phone – and what we can expect for longevity with the Pixel 7 pro.

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28 Replies to “Google Pixel 7 Pro – the big ‘bump’ has a few big problems….”

  1. I will give you my first born child if it meant that you wouldn't scratch the edges with the knife. That sound gets deep under my skin

  2. Lol you gotta b-roll the 6p snapping twice to remind ppl and for ppl that havent seen it yet

  3. why this time you don't tear down and destroy that mother fucker cheapest shit phone Jerry? , are you afraid

  4. My pixel 7 pro vibrated with each scratch,,, it even dropped a teared out of the ear piece 😢

  5. Less than a week old and I dropped my phone from a height of 24" onto a bowl of popcorn I was eating(butter fingers) The edge of the phone hit the edge of the glass bowl and cracked the screen…. Saaaaad

  6. I hate these fucking videos. Such a waste of an expensive device. Of course it's gonna get damaged if you scratch it with a god damn box cutter you twats. Pointless.

  7. Are you using a voice generator? It's a bit tough to make it through a minute of that…

  8. That metal is a throwback to the original few generations of the iPod Touch. Those things also scratched like crazy over time.

  9. Hey Zack Why aren't you doing durability test on moto edge 30 ultra…… Did moto sue you??

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