Google Pixel Teardown – Screen Repair Battery Replacement Fix

BLACK Pixel screens are HERE:
WHITE Pixel screens are HERE:
Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Phone opening metal tool:
Heat gun:


The Google Pixel phone is durable indeed, but not invincible. Glass screens can still crack and shatter, and sometimes need to be replaced. This video will show how I replace the screen on my own Google Pixel (Regular sized) as well as how I remove the battery, and the charging port. luckily everything on this phone is pretty modular. And even better, the screen replacements arent super complicated.

The screen of the Google Pixel is only held in place by adhesive. And two small T5 screws that hold the screen connector in place. If you want your screen to survive the removal process its incredibly important that you do not touch the LED with your metal tools.

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:

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  1. wow! my microphone stops working very often. if i replace the charging port board that should give me a new mic?

  2. Hi Zack. This is probably the best video I have watched on this project. So many thanks for this.
    However I don't seem to be able to find the link to obtain a new battery. Hopefully you can help me out with this.
    T I A
    Keep up the great work ????????

  3. I sent my phone for repair with authorised google repair center for backcover damage and was charged around 8K INR ($106) before tax and labor charges which makes the overall invoice as 10K ($120)…. They said backplate was damaged but still didn't get what's backplate? Do you mind to explain me which part is backplate?

  4. Can you please provide a link to the spare battery? Excellent work, as always!

  5. Google Pixel (1) original battery: B2PW4100 Li-ion 00

    3,85V (VDC) (4,35 V max)

    thickness 4.5-4.7 mm, height 63.9 mm (59,1 mm without pr.b.), width 60.0 mm

    толщина 4,5-4,7 мм, высота 63,9 мм (59,1 мм без платы защиты), ширина 60,0 мм

    Protection board: 2PW4 HTS80001P03 / 94V-0

    thickness 1,9 mm, width 58,5 mm, +height 4,8 mm

    (may be replaced to identical by dimensions, but 3,85 V Li-Pol)

    (++ USE AccuBattery app)

    You can also make holes in the body, draw two contacts with a neatly separated protection board outward, and attach standard batteries 3.7 V (normal, and the maximum allowable voltage for such is 4.2 volts). In this case, be sure to use the AccuBattery application.

    Вы также можете проделать отверстия в корпусе, вывести два контакта с аккуратно отделённой платы защиты наружу, и присоединить стандартные аккумуляторы 3,7 В (в норме, а предельно допустимое напряжение для таких – 4,2 вольта). В таком случае обязательно используйте приложение AccuBattery.

  6. So, how do you know?

    btw, I removed my screen and thought I had done it cleanly. But alas, it does not light up when I press the powder button like yours did. Mine DOES vibrate very briefly though.

    Lastly, I'm very tempted to ask Google (and all phone makers) to sell their devices with glue optional. Since I use my phones in cases, I don't need them to be fastened together with 3M's finest. A simple non-adhesive gasket behind the screen where the adhesive would go is just fine with me.

  7. 3:41 This connector became detached from the motherboard as I was trying to remove it. I went ahead and put the phone back together. I've been using this mainly as a streaming phone for a last year or so. Everything still seems to be working. But I know that can't be the case. What does this black signal wire do? What functionality will I now be missing?

  8. haha this video is such a scam, NOTHING works as easy as shown, theres way more glue and the middle piece doesnt come out like that at all

  9. i recently started repairing phones and all of zack's videos help so much

  10. Well poo. Got the screen off without mangling the black screen part, but ended up shoving my pry tool into the bottom too far and sliced the ribbon cable. Oh well, the battery was at its end anyway, and your link has the cheapest new screen + good battery. Thanks for the teardown, even 4 years later!

  11. > "the screen replacement is surprisingly easy – especially if you don't care about your original screen anymore"

    So right, and thanks for that advice because I made sure to order (and receive!) a replacement screen before attempting a battery swap. Despite practising on a bootlooped device the other week, I managed to again ruin the display while removing it (this time on my main). This time at least, I saw exactly where I went wrong – not only is the AMOLED panel susceptible to pry tools, it'll even crack if you even lay a piece of card into a corner. Bam! There went the display after I immediately checked as soon as I noticed an "oh no" lower right corner breach. I do wonder if the upper portion of the display is as likely to lead to total display failure if chipped?

    I think I was about 75% of the way to removing the screen, but probably focused too much on not scratching up the paint on the bezel sections and overused my business cards too early. I would recommend working more on the top/lower bezels using the thin pry tool (although I was worried about the cables on the lower bezel this time as I had probably wrongly assumed that I broke a cable last time rather than the panel).

    As for getting a gap for the thin pry tool. Twice now, I've managed to find a gap on the lower right long edge with a little suction cup assistance (and regular heat, of course). After that, I very carefully worked my way around the phone in both directions using a combination of the thin pry tool, guitar pick pry tools and cards to hold the gaps open. Remember of course to have a little bit of charge in the phone to test the display regularly to learn when the mistake will be made.

    Overall though, my battery (and screen) swap was a success. And hopefully next time I'll be more improved!

  12. My Really Blue Pixel's battery was already in terrible condition when I got it from eBay. If someone wants to buy me a battery replacement kit, i'll replace it and make a video ????

  13. Watching this on my Pixel 3 before I replace my Pixel 1s battery and when he mentioned the headphone jack I shed tears.

  14. The Amish don't "Jerry Rigged Everything". They just "Jury Rigged Everything", based on majority vast of votes in Amish community.????????????????????????

  15. "…Just not plan on your screen surviving…"
    Yes, all was going perfectly to remove it, then CRUNCH
    Screen replacement time

  16. Thanks for the video, just replaced my battery. Still going strong!

    Tip: Use some suction cup to help lift the screen instead of relying on prying tool. Just use paper business cards to slice through the glue.

  17. Jerry, how mu ch will you charge me to replace my Google Pixel (1) battery? Thanks- good job!

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