The Worlds Smallest Nintendo? – Durability Test!

The Nintendo Game and Watch. Nintendo’s Smallest Gaming system yet! It has 3 games included and only costs 50 bucks: Invented 40 years ago, this new edition is a throwback to some of the most iconic old school Nintendo games of all time.

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15 Replies to “The Worlds Smallest Nintendo? – Durability Test!”

  1. I had this since childhood and also a few others including Oil Panic, Fire, Octopus and Donkey Kong. Those were 'Made in Japan' models though. I gave away all of them but kept Oil Panic as a souvenir for old times sake.

  2. Hey zack quick question have you ever injured your fingers during a bend test while filming any video?

  3. I've got one of the 80's original versions of the Game & Watch. I had no idea they did a new release of these?

  4. Lol I still have my original game a watch and it still works, I guess I am showing my age. Actually I have three different ones but I think only one is a Nintendo . Same colour plastic and golden bezel.

  5. “Kind of like storming the Capitol, apparently you can just walk right in.”
    Do us all a favor and keep your CNN leftist political opinions out of your videos.
    We watch you for your entertainment, and breakdown videos. We do NOT watch you to hear about what you think happened on Jan 6th.

  6. "the first level is pretty easy anyone can do it, just like storming the capital apparently anyone can just walk right in" where the hell were the fleets of swat that were protecting the capital building during the BLM movements? Our country is truly racist

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